Jonathan M. Tatun, Esq.

Born on Long Island, Mr. Tatun has been practicing New York State Supreme Court and other litigation since 2004. He has appeared regularly in the courts of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and the five boroughs of New York City. Mr. Tatun has been successful with trials and appeals and skillfully presents complicated facts and situations to the courts.

Mr. Tatun is well versed in areas of real property and property law and is a valuable asset to the firm in connection with complex and high conflict equitable distribution cases. Our firm relies on Mr. Tatun when there are emergencies affecting property and finances which require temporary restraining orders to prevent the wasteful dissipation of marital assets. Mr. Tatun, as well as all of the attorneys in the firm, react swiftly to protect our client’s interests and to safeguard the marital estate with aggressive motion practice, orders to show cause, and emergency applications to the appropriate Court.

Mr. Tatun has been admitted to the New York State Bar since 2004 as well as the United States District Court for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York since 2006. He is an active member of the New York State and Suffolk County Bar Association.