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Report: More than $100 Billion in Unpaid Child Support in America

It’s no secret that there is a problem with delinquency in child support in this country. A 2012 study indicated that there was more than $100 billion in unpaid child support in America, and recent studies suggest that that figure is probably even higher now. Additionally, nearly half of the money owed is to taxpayers,… Read More »

Billionaire Could Face Monthly Child Support Payments of $1 Million

In what could become one of the biggest divorce settlements ever, multibillionaire hedge fund owner Ken Griffin could be responsible for making monthly child support payments of approximately $1 million. The huge amount of money includes funding for private jet trips and lavish vacations, according to information from the court documents filed in Illinois. Griffin… Read More »

Can You Collect Child Support from an Ex’s Social Security?

When your former spouse becomes delinquent with child support payments, you may be wondering how you can get the money you are owed. One route that isn’t normally taken, but is still a possibility, is to garnish Social Security benefits. First, it’s important to determine what kind of Social Security benefits your former partner receives…. Read More »

Living with Someone Other than Your Spouse Could Affect Child Support

If you live with someone that is not the parent of your child, that person does not have any legal obligation to support your children. Typically, the amount of child support your ex-spouse pays to you should not be affected by you living with another person. However, if your partner provides shelter, clothing, food or… Read More »

Attorney Bryan Salamone’s Divorce Strategies Have Been Published in a New Family Law Book

Attorney Bryan Salamone of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. contributed a chapter titled “Knowing Your Clients, Knowing the Law: Getting the Best Results for Your Family Law Clients” to the 2015 edition of Strategies for Family Law in New York. In his chapter, trusted Long Island attorney Salamone offers advice to other attorneys on… Read More »

Divorce by Facebook: New Development in Divorce Law and Procedure

On April 6, 2015 a New York City Judge gave permission for a woman to serve divorce papers on her husband via a Facebook message.  Ms. Baidoo, a 26 year old woman who sought to divorce her husband Victor Sean Blood-Dzraku was unable to serve Mr. Blood-Dzraku through normal means.  Normally a divorce is served… Read More »

37 States Now Allow Same-Sex Marriage

As of late February, 37 states now have legalized gay marriage. Of those 37, 26 legalized it by court decision, eight (including New York) by a vote in the state legislature and three by popular vote. States not yet allowing gay marriage are as follows: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio,… Read More »

Study Indicates Living with Partner Before Marriage Increases Likelihood of Divorce

If you have wondered whether living together before marriage has an impact on the quality of marriage, a new study from the Center for Marital and Family Studies indicates that it does. According to the survey performed by the organization targeting couples that have been married for fewer than 10 years, there appears to be… Read More »

Seeking Retroactive Child Support

Parents often go back to court to modify child support arrangements, but what happens if you never had an arrangement in place? In some situations, you might be eligible to receive retroactive child support. Retroactive child support is payments that are made to go back and make up for payments that were never made in… Read More »

Avoiding Financial Conflict During a Marriage

When marriages turn sour, one of the primary causes of conflict is finances. Therefore, all marriages can benefit from open communication regarding financial matters. The following are some tips to make sure that you can avoid financial conflicts during your marriage: Be honest. You and your spouse should always make sure that you have revealed… Read More »