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Heading for Divorce: Three Tips To Consider

It is easy to make small mistakes that have a big impact during divorce. When thinking about divorce, skilled legal counsel helps you anticipate problems that could dim a bright post-divorce future.  Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C. is the largest family law firm in Long Island. Our collective experience helps you make the legal… Read More »

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton: Blurred Lines

Singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton face an uncertain marital future in light of media revelations about the questionable behavior of Mr. Thicke. Celebrity or not, most marriage relationships are strained when evidence that suggests infidelity surfaces.  Last August, a raunchy stage performance between Twerking queen Miley Cyrus and Mr. Thicke raised more than… Read More »

Mother Fails to Provide Evidence of Enhancement in Relocation Bid

A recent bid before the Appellate Division, Second District failed when a mother was unable to provide important information to support her desired relocation after a divorce.  In Christy v. Christy, appellant Lisa Christy sought relief from a family court decision that prohibited her from carrying out a proposed relocation with the children of her… Read More »

Almost Done: Documents to Update After Divorce

When your divorce is finalized, it’s time to update some key documents. These include:  Social Security: If you changed your name when you got married, you can regain your married name and obtain a new Social Security card through the Social Security Administration. If you are middle-aged or older upon divorce, inform yourself about Social… Read More »

$399.00 One Signature Divorces: Classic Bait and Switch

After handling over 15,000 divorces over the last 18 years I am confronted with billboards in New York City and advertisements touting “$399.00 uncontested-no signature required” divorces.  How is this possible?  After all of the research and contacting most all of the places that advertise these “too good to be true” fees, I have come… Read More »

The Effect of Divorce on Children

During divorce the lives of children are turned upside-down. Their relationships with parents are permanently changed. Understanding the effect of divorce on your children may help them, and you, in the future.  Children of all ages are at risk from the upheaval caused by divorce. Although parents might understand they will get through divorce intact,… Read More »

When Separate Property Is Not Separate

Division of property is a hotly debated topic in many divorces. A recent Appellate Division case defined an instance when separate property is not actually separate property.  In New York, the assets and debt of the marital estate are subject to equitable distribution during divorce. When couples cannot agree on how to distribute their property,… Read More »

A Matter of Opinion: The Use of Experts in New York Divorce Matters

Is the family business profitable or broke? During a divorce, sometimes the only opinion that matters is one provided by an expert.  As it turns out, many of our clients benefit from the appropriate use of experts during their divorce proceedings. New York law allows courts to require payment of fees for legal counsel and… Read More »

Ready, Set…Mediate

Your marriage is over and you want to save money and time and prevent the emotional trouble many people experience during a divorce. Mediation seems like a good option. What should you do?  Mediation is an informal process that is usually less expensive than other methods of divorce, including the collaborative divorce process and litigation…. Read More »

New York Court Awards Attorney Fees Against Husband Living in Parallel Universe

In a scathing opinion, the New York Supreme Court, Westchester County, recently awarded a woman $53,000 in legal fees for representation during her divorce matter.  Decided in December 2013, the case of Medina v. Medina offers insight into the viewpoint of the court when dealing with protracted matrimonial litigation. In this matter, a long divorce… Read More »