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Author Archives: Bryan Salamone

Some Tips to Help You Deal with the Emotional Aspects of Divorce

Divorce isn’t easy on anyone, and you may be feeling many different emotions as you work through the process. There will be good days and bad, and sometimes it may feel like it will be impossible for you to move on. However, if you take some time to reflect, you will likely find you are… Read More »

Important Financial Steps to Take Before Divorce

As you prepare for a divorce, one issue you should be thinking about is how your finances will change as a result of your new situation. There may be some significant implications to your divorce, and it may take some planning to ensure you remain in good financial health. The following are some tips: Work… Read More »

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Dating After a Divorce

Getting back into the dating world after a divorce can be exciting — as well as incredibly frightening. Before you decide to take this next step in your journey, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to be completely sure you are ready to date. What outcome do I hope to achieve in… Read More »

Couples More Likely to Get Divorced Upon Returning from Family Trips

According to research from sociologists at the University of Washington, divorce tends to be much more likely after couples get home from family vacations. It’s perhaps one of the primary reasons why divorce rates tend to spike in January and August of each year—those are the times right after the holidays and at the end… Read More »

Managing Your Electronic Data During the Divorce Process

In our modern world, most people are intensely connected to the internet, social media and mobile devices. This has had an impact on family law, as increasing numbers of divorce cases involved attorneys reviewing electronic communications between the parties. So how can you deal with your electronic data to make sure it does not compromise… Read More »

US Divorce Rates Reach 35-Year Low

A number of recent studies indicate that divorce rates in the United States are lower than they have been in 35 years. Researchers from the Natural Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University have different theories as to what is causing the rate to decline by so much over the last… Read More »

Financial Tips for Women Going through Divorce

For many people, divorce can be expensive. Between the legal fees and tax implications, the average divorce in the United States costs about $20,000. Furthermore, many people make some key mistakes during the divorce process that can cost them even more in the long term. The following are some common financial issues women should be… Read More »

Divorce Rate Rises with Boomers, Declines in Younger Generation

While the overall divorce rate in the United States has remained somewhat static over the past two decades, experts say that a relatively new trend has emerged. In short, members of the Baby Boomer generation (currently aged 52-70) are getting divorced at higher rates than 20 years ago, while the divorce rate among younger couples… Read More »

Where to Turn to for Support When Facing Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, you may be facing the most intensely stressful period of your entire life. You may be worried about everything you need to sort out, how you will manage your finances and how your children will handle it all — among other concerns. By leaning on your support systems, however,… Read More »

Google Trends Sees Spike in Divorce Searches After Holidays

Google Trends, which reports on the numbers of people looking up specific words and phrases on the search engine, has seen a surge in searches related to breaking up and getting divorced shortly after the holiday season. According to Google, the questions “should I break up with my boyfriend?” and “should I break up with… Read More »

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