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Author Archives: Bryan Salamone

Tips for Collecting Financial Information Before Divorce

As you prepare to file for divorce, it is important to collect certain pieces of financial information you will need throughout the process. This includes several key documents and an inventory of the items you own. One of the most pressing issues you must resolve during your divorce is the division of your marital assets… Read More »

How to Ensure Your Alimony Payments are Tax Deductible

Did you know your alimony payments could be tax deductible, so long as you follow certain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules? If you pay alimony and abide by these guidelines, you could save a lot of money on your tax bill. The following are the seven requirements to which you must adhere to deduct your… Read More »

How to Negotiate a Fair Alimony Arrangement

Like any other aspect of your divorce, you can negotiate an alimony arrangement outside of the courtroom. Doing so allows you to have more control over your future, while also avoiding the expensive, time-consuming process associated with litigation. Each spouse in a divorce must provide certain financial disclosures at the outset of the divorce, even… Read More »

Children May Benefit from Therapy After Divorce

It’s not just the people going through a divorce who may benefit from therapy during and after the process — it can be extremely beneficial for the children involved, as well. A child who goes through therapy tends to be more proactive when it comes to seeking solutions to problems, be better equipped to deal… Read More »

These Tips Can Help Make for a More Successful Second Marriage

The statistics don’t lie: second and subsequent marriages are far more likely to end in divorce than first marriages. So what can people marrying for the second time do to minimize the likelihood of another divorce? The following are a few tips from relationship experts: Take it slow: Too many second marriages fail because people… Read More »

Bryan Salamone Goes to Abu Dhabi to Drive the Five Most Unattainable and Expensive Cars in the World

Bryan L. Salamone, Esq., who is known for his aggressive representation of litigants during divorce and Family Court matters, was flown to Abu Dhabi to track and test five of the most unattainable and expensive exotic cars. Mr. Salamone will be the guest of one of his clients, and he will be driving cars such… Read More »

The Impact Divorce is Having on Retirement

Baby boomers have been far and away the generation with the highest rates of divorce over the past several decades. Now, as they reach retirement age, they are setting new records for divorces we’ve seen for people over 60, and it is having drastic effects on their ability to achieve their retirement goals. While divorces… Read More »

Things to Avoid After Your Divorce is Finalized

So you’ve made it through the exhausting, painful process of divorce. It has likely been months, or maybe even years in extreme cases, since you have been able to go through a day without having to worry about certain divorce-related tasks. However, you cannot let up just because the divorce has been finalized. Many people… Read More »

Most Couples Say Money Was a Factor in Their Divorce

It might not come as much of a surprise, but most divorced individuals in a recent survey say money played a major role in their decision to end their marriages. According to the Experian survey, 59 percent of divorced people said financial struggles and arguments were a reason for their divorce, with 20 percent saying… Read More »

What Not to Do if You’re About to Get Divorced

When you’re about to get divorced for the first time, you may start to feel more than a little overwhelmed. Those who are unfamiliar with the divorce process and do not receive proper advice often make some key mistakes that could impact them in the long term. To that end, the following are some things… Read More »

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