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Category Archives: Divorce

Be Sure to Update Your Insurance Policies After a Divorce

After your divorce is finalized, one of the first things you should do is go over all of your insurance policies and make any necessary updates. This is a task that is easily forgotten, but also quite important to help you save money and ensure you are receiving coverage for everything you need. The following… Read More »

Study: Men without Full-Time Jobs Most Likely to Get Divorced

A recent Harvard University Department of Sociology study has revealed that men who do not have a full-time job may be more likely to get divorced than their peers. The study suggests that despite what many people think, factors like a couple’s current earnings or a wife’s ability to support herself post-divorce do not really… Read More »

What to Expect as a Witness in a Divorce Deposition

Divorce depositions, like those associated with most other civil cases, involve parties making sworn statements about certain elements of the case in question. This could include information on finances, assets or a variety of other issues. In some situations, third-party witnesses might get called in to be deposed, as well. Attorneys representing either spouse could… Read More »

What to Do If You’re Considering Divorce Near Retirement

There has been plenty of research debunking the notion that half of all marriages today end in divorce. In general, the divorce rate has drastically decreased over the last two or three decades. However, there is one noteworthy demographical exception: people over 50 have had their divorce rate more than double since 1990. The information… Read More »

What You Can Learn from Your Divorcing Parents

Divorce can be a learning opportunity not only for the couple going through it, but also for any adult children they have who are in relationships of their own. Even fully grown children of divorcing parents are likely to have a difficult time adapting to the major changes a divorce can bring. But it also… Read More »

Factors Considered When Moving Children Out of State After Divorce

Co-parenting children after a divorce is difficult enough when both parents live within a reasonable distance from each other. If one parent decides to move out of state after a divorce, the challenges become even greater. In most cases, parents are required under state law to get permission from a judge and/or the other parent… Read More »

Getting the Best Possible Outcome in Your Divorce

As you go through your divorce, important to be focused on the long term, making sure you’re ending up with the best possible settlement for you. This requires you to have a clear picture of exactly what it is you want as you move forward with your life. With how stressful and emotional divorce can… Read More »

Cuba: Long Island’s Divorce Attorney, Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. Visits The Totalatarian Communist State, Meets With Party Loyalists And Reports On Divorce Under General Raul Castro’s Rule

Background Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. is the founder and head of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. (the largest exclusively Divorce and Family Law firm in Long Island, New York).  Mr. Salamone is well known and widely recognized by his adventurous spirit (sky diving, swimming with great white sharks and extreme Lamborghini rally driving) and… Read More »

Factors that May Prolong the Divorce Process

The length of the divorce process can vary widely, depending on a range of factors. The following are just a few potential factors that could prolong your divorce: There is a lot of contention: If there are bad feelings surrounding a relationship, the divorce process will almost certainly take longer than it should to run… Read More »

Consider Your Credit Situation When Getting a Divorce

The first few steps of a divorce are possibly the most emotional and stressful of the entire process because it is all so new and confusing. However, it is also the most critical time to get yourself organized so you can get a favorable settlement and come out of your divorce in a financially sound… Read More »


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