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The Effect of Divorce on Children

During divorce the lives of children are turned upside-down. Their relationships with parents are permanently changed. Understanding the effect of divorce on your children may help them, and you, in the future.  Children of all ages are at risk from the upheaval caused by divorce. Although parents might understand they will get through divorce intact,… Read More »

Custody and Support Issues for Military Parents

The men and women who defend our country face special challenges during divorce and child custody litigation. Fortunately, state and federal laws prevent a parent from using the military status of the other parent to gain an unfair advantage in custody and support disputes.  The fact that a military parent may be deployed or transferred… Read More »

Can a Parent Be Denied Child Visitation?

There is a presumption under New York law that continued contact with both parents is in the best interests of the child after a divorce. So, even when one parent receives full custody of the child, the other parent is almost always entitled to visitation.  Nonpayment of child support is not grounds for denial of… Read More »

The Interplay Between Child Custody and Child Support

While some states adjust child support obligations to reflect the percentage of time that the paying parent has custody of the child, this is not the case in New York. New York’s child support guidelines do, however, indirectly take custody issues into account. For example:  The parent who has less than 50 percent custody of… Read More »

Tips for Dating After Divorce

Your divorce is finally over and the possibility of meeting someone new actually sounds appealing. How do you navigate the journey back into a social life?  Our firm provides strong, experienced legal representation to clients moving from marriage to being single again. We understand the emotional roadblocks our clients face in remembering who they are,… Read More »

Beware the Happy Meal: It May Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Parenting young children is not easy. Children throw tantrums, make a fuss and generally need guidance to keep their behavior in line. Parenting young children during a bitter divorce battle is no easier, as one New York man recently found out.  In a story told in headlines across the country, David Schorr, involved in a… Read More »

Mothers’ Rights: The Bode Miller Case

Alpine skiing veteran Bode Miller has garnered headlines lately that have little to do with downhill racing. In a case playing out on both coasts, the custodial setting of the son of Mr. Miller and an ex-girlfriend has provoked heated discussion about parental rights.  In addition to a high-profile quest for Olympic gold at Sochi,… Read More »

The Tragedy of Custody Battles: Three-Year Old Dies When Thrown From Building

Attorneys, court personnel and those who have gone through divorce understand the sometimes terribly acrimony and fear felt by parents during the divorce process. A tragedy in December revealed the instability of one father distraught over a conflicted custody matter.  A native of the Ukraine, Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, lived in Brooklyn and worked as a… Read More »

Emancipation of a Minor in New York: What You Need to Know

What is emancipation? Emancipation is the concept of a minor-aged child leaving his or her parents’ custody (either voluntarily or forcibly) and living independently. New York has no official emancipation statute, nor does the state provide a specific order of emancipation to emancipated minors. However, courts are likely to recognize your emancipation as a minor… Read More »

Is There a Such Thing as Common Law Divorce?

Common law marriage is the concept of a couple living together for a certain amount of time and thereby automatically gaining status as a married couple. While some states recognize common law marriages, New York is not one of them. In New York, a couple must take measures to legally wed in a civil proceeding… Read More »