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Should You Keep The Knot Tied? Legal Separation vs. Divorce

If you’re contemplating divorce, your emotions may encourage you to go full-speed-ahead to a quick resolution and the beginning of your idyllic, spouse-less future. But there may be reasons to put on the brakes – at least for a while – and consider whether legal separation makes sense as a first step. Like a divorce,… Read More »

Divorce vs. Legal Separation in New York

When you and your spouse decide you no longer wish to live together as husband and wife, you may file for a divorce or a legal separation. The main difference between the two options is that a legal separation does not dissolve the marriage legally and you cannot remarry until after you are divorced. There… Read More »

Separation Agreements: Rarely Recommended, They Are Documents Without Teeth

There are many reasons to enter into a Separation Agreement but the one reason rears its head over and over is: one spouse wants to maintain the health benefits of the other spouse while living separate and apart. Any and all other reasons can be handled by Post-Nuptial Agreement. In fact, the above reason can… Read More »

Sometimes Separation Is the Best Option

Relationships are sometimes easily frayed, but not all become completely broken. If you are going through a difficult period in your marriage, you may want to consider a legal separation instead of a divorce. Sometimes a legal separation is the best way to give a couple the time they need to reassess where they stand… Read More »

Separation Agreements in New York

One of the ways to obtain a divorce in New York is to live apart pursuant to a separation agreement. Sometimes this option makes the most sense to a couple. The parties work out the terms of the separation and include them in a formal agreement. Other times the parties may choose not to divorce… Read More »

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