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Some Property Is Safe from Division During Divorce

In a New York divorce, some property isn’t part of the marital estate and thus is not subject to division between the spouses. Understanding what is and isn’t marital property can improve the outcome of your divorce settlement negotiations.  New York’s domestic relations law distinguishes between marital property and separate property. Separate property belongs to… Read More »

‘Super Lawyers’ — Not So ‘Super’?

If you’ve visited a few attorneys’ websites, chances are you’ve run across bright red and yellow badges claiming certain lawyers have been rated a ‘Super Lawyer.’ The icon may invoke a mental image of a lawyer in a bright red cape soaring into the courtroom, tipping the scales of justice in their clients’ favors. Sounds… Read More »

The Need to Let Go: When Divorce Becomes a Lifestyle

She was a registered nurse and now runs a coupon website. They divorced, and he currently works as a waiter. It should be a short story, but it is not. Jon and Kate Gosselin have created headlines for the last several years — first as the well-intentioned parents of twins and sextuplets, then as rising… Read More »

Splitting Up After a Long-Term Marriage: Why?

In 2010, former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, announced their separation. By all outward appearances, the couple was happy and comfortable, and the announcement came as a shock even to close friends. Many asked why they were separating. As a firm dedicated to the practice of divorce and family law on Long… Read More »

A Difficult Divorce: Why You?

Alternative dispute mechanisms like mediation help you craft satisfying agreements concerning property, financial support and parenting issues at lower financial and emotional costs. Sometimes though, unfortunately, one spouse is willing to work cooperatively and the other is not. Trying to divorce a partner who seems interested in maintaining conflict is not easy. Termed high-conflict personalities,… Read More »

When Parents Go Bad: Hostile Custody Actions

Nowhere is the ugliness of divorce more evident than in protracted custody litigation involving claims of parental alienation. Courts and court professionals can become polarized, leaving the targeted parent with mounting legal troubles and children adrift and involved in legal battles of which they should have no knowledge. Our firm has extensive experience with parents… Read More »

Understanding a Motion for Pendente Lite

The time after you decide to divorce but before you are divorced can stretch for many months, and sometimes for years. During a divorce trial or as you negotiate with your spouse and the divorce moves forward, important decisions are made about property division, spousal and child support, and parenting issues, if there is a… Read More »

Money Arguments Figure Highly in Divorce

As members of the largest family law practice on Long Island, our attorneys work daily to settle disagreements between divorcing spouses about money and assets. A study from Kansas State University suggests that the tendency of spouses to disagree over money may start them down the path toward divorce.  Everyone knows money troubles make for… Read More »

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: A Divorce and an Engagement

In October 2013, U.S. television personality Kim Kardashian and recording artist Kanye West announced their engagement. At the same time, Bruce and Kris Jenner formally announced their separation after a 22-year marriage. (Kris is Kardashian’s mother.) In the whirlwind that attends the Kardashian clan, family law offers a little something for everyone.  In a lavish… Read More »

Understanding Your Rights: Joint Legal Custody

In a divorce involving children, parenting issues can stir a bitter custody battle. Our firm has litigated and won thousands of custody matters for our clients, and we know the importance of gaining, exercising and understanding parenting rights. In New York, two fundamental types of custody must be agreed upon by parents or decided by… Read More »