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Will You Need to Sell Your Home in Your Divorce?

Although you don’t necessarily have to sell your home after you go through a divorce, it is certainly a common occurrence. Most people that do sell their homes after divorce do so for one of the following reasons:  They can no longer afford the mortgage payments on the home because of the terms of their… Read More »


 When selecting a divorce law firm on Long Island you may think that a sole practitioner or a small firm can give you more personal attention and greater service than a large firm.  You may think that smaller firms will have more time to devote to you because they are not handling a thousand cases… Read More »

Ray Rice and Domestic Violence Issues

 After a new video of the domestic violence incident between NFL player Ray Rice and Wife Janay Palmer surfaced, Rice was suspended by the league indefinitely. Rice was originally suspended for two games in July, prior to the leak of the latest footage of the February 2014 altercation between the couple. This new video footage… Read More »

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates: Why Experience Matters

When selecting a divorce attorney in Long Island, you may think picking a young, energetic lawyer fresh out of law school is the best choice. Being new to the field, you might believe they have the passion and vigor to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. As an added bonus, his or her… Read More »

The Great Mommy War

Are your romantic problems now your math problems? For women who are married and are marrying men with an ex-wife, they will be affected by the alimony situation that came out of his first marriage. Belinda Luscombe’s article in TIME magazine highlights the struggle between first wives and second wives. 1 The TIME magazine article… Read More »


The largest spike in marital infidelity occurs the day immediately after Mother’s Day. This day is now being called “red light Monday” or “Mother’s Stray Day”. Monday, May 12th, 2014, the day immediately following Mothers Day this year, a shocking number of wives signed up with; a dating website established for married individuals seeking… Read More »

Fathers’ Increasing Availability

Since the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008, subsequent economic hardship coupled with an increasing unemployment rate for men has resulted in more “out of work” or “available” fathers.  These fathers have morphed their lives into more accessible work schedules and/or working from home.  As a result of this, men are achieving custody in great numbers… Read More »

Some Property Is Safe from Division During Divorce

In a New York divorce, some property isn’t part of the marital estate and thus is not subject to division between the spouses. Understanding what is and isn’t marital property can improve the outcome of your divorce settlement negotiations.  New York’s domestic relations law distinguishes between marital property and separate property. Separate property belongs to… Read More »

‘Super Lawyers’ — Not So ‘Super’?

If you’ve visited a few attorneys’ websites, chances are you’ve run across bright red and yellow badges claiming certain lawyers have been rated a ‘Super Lawyer.’ The icon may invoke a mental image of a lawyer in a bright red cape soaring into the courtroom, tipping the scales of justice in their clients’ favors. Sounds… Read More »

The Need to Let Go: When Divorce Becomes a Lifestyle

She was a registered nurse and now runs a coupon website. They divorced, and he currently works as a waiter. It should be a short story, but it is not. Jon and Kate Gosselin have created headlines for the last several years — first as the well-intentioned parents of twins and sextuplets, then as rising… Read More »