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What are the Basic Rights of Children in a Divorce?

As you go through your divorce, the court system will determine your ability to meet the basic needs and rights of your children when setting child custody arrangements. Your ability to meet these needs determines how fit you are to be a primary custodian.  Some examples of those basic needs and rights include:  Quality education…. Read More »

Saratoga County Lauded for Child Support Program

We are mostly accustomed to seeing negative stories about child support in the news, but one New York county has created such a great program that it’s receiving statewide and national acclaim. Saratoga County’s Department of Social Services was recently recognized for the 14th straight year for having the state’s best-performing enforcement unit for child… Read More »

New York City Does More to Help People Paying Child Support

An independent report examining New York City’s Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has found that the agency has shifted to a more family-centered focus in its approach to child support issues. According to the Amsterdam News, the OCSE, founded in 1975, began as an agency to oversee the payment of child support. In the… Read More »

Court Rules Hedge Fund Manager Must Continue $50K Monthly Child Support Payments

A multimillionaire and hedge fund manager has lost his bid to reduce the $50,000 per month in child support he must pay to the mother of his six-year-old child. Warren Lichtenstein must continue to make huge monthly payments to Annabelle Bond, a well-known Hong Kong socialite and the daughter of the former head of the… Read More »

Child Support Issues Prevent Musician from Moving Ahead with UN Work

A contentious dispute over child support is costing a Grammy Award-winning artist his chance to work with the United Nations on an important cause. According to the NY Daily News, rapper Praskazrel Michel, known as “Pras,’ is waiting for the legal system to run its course in a child support case involving Angela Severiano, the… Read More »

Basketball Player Nets Lawsuit on Child Education Expenses

Are divorced parents required to pay educational expenses for their children?  A former New York Knicks player is about to find out. In April, the ex-wife of Metta World Peace, the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest, filed a legal action in Manhattan Family Court in support of educational expenses for their gifted 13-year-old… Read More »

Custody and Support Issues for Military Parents

The men and women who defend our country face special challenges during divorce and child custody litigation. Fortunately, state and federal laws prevent a parent from using the military status of the other parent to gain an unfair advantage in custody and support disputes.  The fact that a military parent may be deployed or transferred… Read More »

The Interplay Between Child Custody and Child Support

While some states adjust child support obligations to reflect the percentage of time that the paying parent has custody of the child, this is not the case in New York. New York’s child support guidelines do, however, indirectly take custody issues into account. For example:  The parent who has less than 50 percent custody of… Read More »

L.A. vs. F.S. (Bryan L. Salamone & Associates Obtains Child Support for Client Based on Three Times the Income Reported by Her Husband)

By decision of the Family Court of the County of Suffolk dated May 30, 2013, a mother received child support three times the income reported by her husband. Through cross examination and introduction of subpoenaed records Mr. Salamone was able to show that Mr. S (father of three) should be paying based upon $90,000.00 and… Read More »

Child Support: How Much and What If?

Raising children, it is sometimes said, takes an open heart, an open mind and an open wallet. The inevitable financial strains of a Long Island divorce can create some big questions when it comes to sharing the expenses of parenting. What can I expect for child support? According to New York Child Support Standards guidelines,… Read More »