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More Couples over Age 50 are Divorcing

Some might say that divorce is at epidemic levels in the United States. We’ve all heard the statistic that 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce — and while, in actuality, this figure is a misrepresentation, the truth is that America’s divorce rates are the highest in the world. Additionally, older couples are divorcing… Read More »

What States Have the Highest Divorce Rate?

Is the divorce rate on the decline? Given the nature of the current economy, are more couples finding it easier to stay together than pay for multiple residences? Actually, in New York State, the divorce rate is on the rise. However, many attorneys attribute the increase to the passing of the no-fault divorce law. Prior… Read More »

Top Five Causes of Divorce

You may be surprised to learn that in 2009, New York had among the lowest divorce rates in the nation. According to an NBC report, 8.4 percent of New York residents are divorced—the third lowest rate in the United States and over two points lower than the national average of 10.7 percent. The reason for… Read More »