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How Should Divorcing Couples Divide Rental Properties?

During the course of their marriage, many couples decide to invest in real estate, purchasing rental properties and earning incomes off of them. But these real estate holdings can make the property division process more difficult if these couples decide to get divorce. The following are some of the key considerations to make when dividing… Read More »

Some Property Is Safe from Division During Divorce

In a New York divorce, some property isn’t part of the marital estate and thus is not subject to division between the spouses. Understanding what is and isn’t marital property can improve the outcome of your divorce settlement negotiations.  New York’s domestic relations law distinguishes between marital property and separate property. Separate property belongs to… Read More »

Honey…I Got a Job, Can We Get Divorced?

Despite the ongoing instability of the federal government, small economic improvements are taking hold in communities across New York and the United States. If household incomes increase, is it likely the divorce rate is going up, too? In 2012, the Pew Research Center suggested trends occur during recessionary times, including: Tendency for a drop in… Read More »

Same-Sex Marriage Wins the Day in New Jersey

On Monday, October 21, 2013, vows were heard up and down the Jersey coast as same-sex couples gained the right to legal marriage. Although same-sex marriage was legalized in New Jersey in 2012, Governor Chris Christie opposed the measure, only withdrawing his objections when the Supreme Court of New Jersey denied further delay of the… Read More »

High Asset Divorces Involving Property

In Newsday June 26, 2013, was a tragic case whereby a woman settled a divorce for a paltry $12,000,000. It may not sound tragic, however, her attorney agreed a certain building was worth only $7,700,000 (a well known Garden City law firm). The building sold for $84,500,000.00 immediately after the divorce was over. Thousands of… Read More »

Getting To Yes: Equitable Property Division

Property division is central to all divorce cases. Whether you have a high-asset estate, or a house, some savings and a pension, the same rules apply. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we know the law, and we help you understand the law when it comes to dividing your property. Here are some points… Read More »

Social Security After Divorce: Understanding Your Benefits

With later-life divorce, as I mentioned, there is a need to protect wealth and assets on into retirement. Another key issue is obtaining health insurance after divorce. For clients who are starting out again at 55 or 65, understanding all of the benefits that are available is critically important. Social Security benefits are not often… Read More »

Not Ready to Tie the Knot? Find out How New York’s Cohabiting Couples are Protecting Themselves

Deciding to live together is a big step in a relationship. You make a commitment that feels similar to marriage. Unfortunately, you do not receive the automatic legal protections that you do through a marriage. For example, New York inheritance laws provide protections for each spouse that is not available to unmarried partners. In addition,… Read More »

Is Your Business Safe? Ten Tips for Protecting Your Business Assets During Your Divorce

After working hard to build a successful business, do not let your pending divorce put your accomplishments at risk. Your spouse may be entitled to an interest in your company and a portion of its assets and profits. Following are ten tips for effectively protecting your business from the damaging effects of dissolution: 1. Rely… Read More »

How to Divide the Equity in Your Marital Home

You both deserve part of your marital home, but you cannot cut a house down the middle. Splitting the equity in your home requires strategic planning and creative thinking. Common solutions include: Selling your home and dividing the equity Buying out your spouse with cash or other assets Accepting other property in exchange for the… Read More »