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Time After Valentine’s Day Popular for Handing Out Divorce Papers

Time After Valentine’s Day Popular for Handing Out Divorce Papers

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for marriage proposals. It also happens to be right around the time when many people file for divorce from their spouses.

Many experts believe that the stress of the holiday season just a couple months before mid-February can put a lot of strain on an already troubled relationship. However, many people attempt to “make it through” the holiday season before filing for divorce, either hoping that the holidays can rekindle their relationship or simply wishing to spare their children and other loved ones from the strain of a divorce during what’s supposed to be a happy time.

During the month of January, divorces become more frequent until they reach a peak in March. Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of this time period, and in some situations represents a last-ditch attempt by couples to save their marriage. Ultimately, the gifts and date nights are often unable to help couples move past the deep issues hampering their relationships.

Seek the assistance of a skilled attorney

If you know divorce is going to be inevitable in your situation, you should begin working with an attorney before filing the paperwork so you can get your affairs in order and be fully prepared for the divorce process. An experienced divorce lawyer will support your best interests when it comes to asset division, child custody and child support proceedings, depending on your situation and needs.

For the sound legal representation you need when dissolving your marriage, contact a respected Long Island divorce lawyer with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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