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My daughter and my two year old grand-daughter was thrown out of her apartment by her husband. I went with my daughter to see Bryan Salamone because a friend told me he was the best. I didn’t think that I could afford it. I heard that he had been on television and I saw pictures of him with expensive cars. It turned out his rates were lower than anyone else and he was there by himself giving us a free consultation at 7:30 pm at night. He ended up not doing the case himself, he assigned it to a female attorney and she later left the firm. When I complained he resumed the case and made my daughter feel wonderful. In fact, it was like being with a family friend when the case was over. I can’t say enough about him and his firm and his services. I thank him for what he did with my daughter’s case. If we would have gone to a different lawyer first, and that lawyer refused to allow me to be in the same room as my daughter when she discussed this case. We are a close knit Italian family and I didn’t want anything to do with a lawyer who wouldn’t let me be in the same room as my daughter, especially when I was paying for it. Turned out Bryan L. Salamone & Associates was cheaper anyway. There were under $300.00 an hour when everyone else was $350.00 to $450.00. – J. F.

Bryan L. Salamone is a great lawyer and did right by me and my kids. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Family Law attorney. I most definitely will be using him in the near future. – A. F.

I applaud my attorneys for what they did for me. They did what I wanted and they fought to get the truth out!–  J. L.

Bryan L. Salamone is a great lawyer and did right by me and my kids. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Family Law attorney. I most definitely will be using him in the near future. –  A. F.

I am writing this letter to you to commend Marc Stein, Esq., and Nirvana Singh (Paralegal). Nirvana was always professional when I called to speak to my lawyer, Mr. Stein. She would take my message if he wasn’t in and let me know when he would return my call. Marc Stein was very personable and always put me at ease when the anxiety of my case would become overwhelming. He assured me that we would get what we needed, we were fully prepared and we prevail in Court. Thank you –  J. L.

I haven't had the opportunity to speak to you since the last time. Both and D and I are very appreciative for the fine work you and your Associates have performed in regards to the divorce litigation. A lot of effort has been given to accomplish the desired results thus far and I sincerely understand and appreciate these efforts. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.– D & JI

I paid only $600.00 for this firm to review my case before they accepted the case and in the two hours i spent with them they blew me away. Mr. Salamone spoke to me like nobody has ever spoken to me with honesty and clear and frank manner. I have been lied to and had gotten the run around by three different firms during this three year divorce and even though Mr. Salamone could not help me, I wished I would have hired him in the beginning and things wouldn’t have been this bad. I came to Mr. Salamone because of his reputation as being an absolute shark and aggressive yet he convinced me not to proceed and to live with the settlement that I felt was forced upon me. I appreciate that he didn’t lie and promise me things like every other lawyer I had seen. – C.A.

I consulted with Bryan Salamone and Associates to be my third attorney. I was nervous about changing attorneys and how the Court would look at me. I had a unique case and my wife was crazy. She was also negligence. I hadn’t been able to prove this until I met Bryan Salamone & Associates. On the day of trial Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. On the day of trial Mr. Salamone and Marc Stein, Esq., appeared. We settled the case and my wife got custody. It was only three weeks later that there was an incident and Bryan Salamone & Associates immediately got me full and complete custody even though I had given my rights up three weeks earlier. They were able to put my case before everyone and get what I needed immediately. They reacted in one days time. Nobody could have done that. I had other law firms never returned my calls and never listened to me. I can’t say enough about them as a law firm. They may have saved my daughter’s life and they have gotten me everything I wanted. - R.D.

When I came to the firm, I had been thrown out of my own house and I had bought my house long before I got married. I had cases going on in Family Court, District Court and Supreme Court. The story was so incredible, I thought no one would believe me. My wife had convinced everybody that I was an alcoholic and violent. In fact, my first appearance in criminal case in District Court, I was sent to alcohol evaluations and anger management. It was after this that I contacted Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. and they agreed to take all three cases. I couldn’t believe the rate I was given, since the cases were involving the same people and the same factual circumstances, they agreed to do the three cases for the price of one. One by one the cases were resolved. I only have a few open ended issues, but I am back in the home, I am seeing my child each and everyday; and they have exposed my wife’s lies for what they truly were. Incredibly, it is the System that is not allowing my wife to drop the Order of Protection at this point, but we are working towards it, and I am sure they will be able to get this for me. I am happy to make this review and recommend this firm. - C.T.

My divorce has been going on three years and I have boxes full of paper work; motions and delays. My attorney was from a Garden City Law Firm and he was in Florida more than he was in New York. My friend told me about his divorce with Bryan Salamone, Esq. I contacted the firm and met with Mr. Salamone personally. He offered to review some of my papers for free if I retained him for a small amount. He explained things to me in a manner that no one else ever did. If was if I finally understood the process and what was going on. He printed out the court’s database and showed the case had been postponed about twenty times and I had no idea that my lawyer was postponing it. Within five months of hiring Mr. Salamone my three year divorce resolved in my favor. I have joint shared parenting and I am involved in every part of my children’s life. I recommend the firm to anyone and the transfer of attorney was simple and easy as well as cost effective. My old attorney was over $450.00 an hour and he never even returned my calls. Mr. Salamone was under $300.00 an hour and returned my call even on the weekends. - A.M.

Thank you for appearing today and I really appreciate your help and you did a great job. I'm more than satisfied with your work, you're very professional at what you do and you have a very good attitude doing it and that is hard to come by these days. - T.L.

Bryan, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me in less than a week. You and your firm have been amazing! - T.S.

I am writing this letter to you to commend Nirvana Singh. I know from growing up with my Parents having a business that the first interaction with a client is the most important. A simple phone call could make it or break it. Nirvana always had such spirit & dedication when I would call & would try her best to see if my lawyer was in & either let me leave a voice mail or take a message. She would inform me if they were in Court so I would have an idea if I would be hearing from them. Her personality & work ethics are great. She is definetly an outstanding employee. Thank you. - M.V.

I am writing this to you to commend Patti Robbins. In all my dealings with Patti she was not only professional she dealt with a number of items for me. I am sure you know that Patti wears many hats in your office. She was always considerate & a pleasure to deal with. Everything she did for me was always done correctly & expeditiously, even after Donny was gone she was still there for me. She is an asset in your law fim1. Thank you. - M.V.

I am writing this letter to you to commend Katherine M. Saciolo. When she took over my case after Donny Secas was gone she did more than he did in a very short amount of time. She is truly a professional & I hope you realize what a valued lawyer & employee she is. Divorce is not an easy process but when you have the right person representing you - you know they have your back & are doing everything in their power to expedite the process & make it as easy as possible. Katherine has done this & more.

Besides being a great lawyer she was also a very caring person when I was going through my surgery for Ovarian Cancer and there were complications. Knowing my case was in her hands I did not have to worry or think about anything while going through the above. You would be lucky to have more lawyers in your firm like Katherine. Thank You. - M.V.

Bryan Salamone did right by me. I waited seven years with everybody telling me to divorce my husband including my therapist and my own children. After meeting with Bryan Salamone paired me with a female attorney named Stephanie. At first I was hesitant, but she listened to me and Mr. Salamone was more than happy to put his second opinion at all times. Throughout this case me husband kept telling me that I would be penniless; that he would take the children away from me; and that nobody else would want me. I brought my family, my father and my brother to Mr. Salamone’s office on several occasions when I was having doubts and I thought it wasn’t going my way. I’m happy to say everything went my way and I am completely different and in a much better space than when I first met Mr. Salamone. His firm became like family to me and I must have recommended him about fifteen times. Writing this testimonial is the least that I can do.- J.M.R.

I had two attorneys before I hired Bryan Salamone’s office. I was afraid that a Judge would look down on me for having switched attorneys three times. My wife had filed CPS allegations against me; attempted to get an Order of Protection; an even took half of our bank account leaving me to pay all the expenses out of the remaining half. Incredibly she even asked for attorney’s fees.

The attorneys I had, both law firms, never returned my calls and made me feel like I was bothering them. You promised me that you would return my calls and you did. This is the only time, in my life, that a lawyer delivered what he promised.

Even though my case settled, I was so happy to know that you had my back. In fact you had my interest at heart. I’m more than happy with the settlement and I understand that you were thinking about me and my children throughout the settlement negotiations. The case settled for exactly what I wanted and I believe the settlement only occurred because you were prepared for trial. The other lawyers never were prepared; always had a reason to postpone or adjourn. When I came to you, you printed out the court system database to show me my case has been adjourned thirty something times. I had no idea. I had been paying for lawyers to go to Court unprepared and adjourn cases. It was only through your firm that we showed up with nine boxes of documents in perfect order and a trial memorandum ready to go on the date of trial. With that showing of strength that prompted the settlement instead of a trial.

Settlement negotiations are worth nothing if someone is not prepared to go to war. Thank you for being there for me.— S.F.

I am a teacher and my husband called CPS on me. I had a back surgery and was prescribed medication. My husband used this against me. I cannot have a record with CPS. Mr. Salamone’s Associate, Kris, was able to resolve my case so that it didn’t affect my job or my rights as a mother. My daughter’s is the most important thing in my life. My husband would have said anything to take her from me.— A.

I saw Mr. Salamone on News 12 and I upon researching him, I found out that he has been quoted and has done note worthy cases. My case was unique as my wife is a public figure/celebrity. The case has been litigated for over six years and I changed attorneys to Mr. Salamone’s firm. Within two months of changing to Mr. Salamone’s firm I had more results than I received in six years. Finally my answers to my questions were answered and I kept asking myself why did I wait so long. I can’t thank them enough for making the most complex matter simple and resolving my case to my satisfaction.— J.K.

I contacted Mr. Salamone two years ago. Back then I did not think that I could afford his services. I had assumed that he only dealt with expensive matters or rich people. To the contrary, his rates were far below any attorney that I have consulted. I don’t know why I waited so long but after two years I received my second free consult. I have now retained his services and couldn’t be happier.— C.T.

Thank you for your wonderful service James provided for me during a difficult time in my life. James was always very professional, also, courteous during the process of filing for divorce. Thank you again for such a wonderful team, all the assistants (Laura) were great to work with.— A.C.

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates was a pleasure to work with. My divorce was easy and everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend them.— S.R.

Marc handled my case with professionalism, honesty and kept my best interest in mind at all times. The lines of communication were always open which helped me understand the litigation proceedings as they went on as well as next steps. Marc was efficient, knowledgeable and always remained honest with me regardless if it was something I wanted to hear.— J.K.

I have been in contact with Bryan Salamone and received exceptional service from him and his associates from more than ten years. The handling of my case by another associate Jeff Herbst continues the type of service I am used to by Bryan Salamone. I will continue to refer other clients to Mr. Salamone's office, when appropriate.F.N.C.

I wanted to share my good news with you as you were an integral part in making it happen. On Wednesday I was awarded Sole Legal and Primary Physical Custody of my two children. I wanted to thank you and Ms. Hersh for all of your hard work in helping me get the kids back to Maryland. I know we had a tough fight and it took another 16 months here in Maryland to finally get justice. I couldn't have done it without your help. Please let Mr. Salamone and staff know the good news. A coworker of mine was asking me about how a divorce would work if the wife moved out of State. I told him it would be very difficult but he would need to find a good local lawyer. When I asked where his ex had moved, he told me Nassau County, New York. I immediately gave him Mr. Salamone's name and number. I hope that he contacted your office. You guys all did great work for me.J. K.

James, I just wanted to thank you so much for getting me through these dark times. I am so happy you were able to fight for me and get it so I keep the house. I just refinanced it and am going to be able to afford the mortgage on my own. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do you will certainly be my attorney again.A.C.

I hired Mr. Salamone to appear in both district court in a bogus order of protection and in family court regarding the same order of protection. When he appeared in family court my wife was present. She appeared without a lawyer. One of the court officers took her aside and told her she better get a lawyer because Bryan Salamone would bury her. I took great pleasure in knowing that she was scared after what she had done to me. She’s trying to take my home & my daughter & I'm glad I hired someone who could put some fear into her. It’s nice to know that the court is not always on the mother’s side and fathers have some rights. Bryan Salamone’s reputation precedes him and my wife treated me much differently after she was told that my lawyer would bury her. We are still in the same house and the divorce is still ongoing but I am writing this review because I feel I have the very best.C.T.

It's been a year since my divorce was finalized and I am so happy. It's tough financially being a single dad with two teenager girls but I wouldn't trade it for all the luxuries in the world. My daughters and I look forward to our first new years together, on a budget, and very happy. Thank you.T.K.

When clients contact the experienced lawyers at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., they are looking for professional legal help with more often than not a very difficult and emotional matter such as divorce, child support, custody or orders of protection. In each case, the law firm of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. aggressively represents each client to obtain the best results in their favor.

Thank you all for your support during this most difficult time in my life you give me and women like me another chance at life.M.A.

I went to court with Mr. Salamone today. I have been following his success on relocation cases for more than a year. I am currently a law student and Mr. Salamone is assisting me in relocating with my daugher. I could not be happier in the results I received. I foolishly attempted to try part of the case myself. When he showed up, I was given a completely different level of respect. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his form as well as his associate Tracy Clary, ESQ., & Jaime Hersh, ESQ.M.P.

I came in for a consultation and after I left I felt better than I had in a long time. From A to Z they are the best. Just great.S.S.

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates helped me during my divorce. My neighbor had a problem with their fiancé and although it wasn’t a divorce case I referred them to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates who was able to separate the property and force the sale. I felt conformable throughout my divorce that they were experts in both business, real estate, and other matters affecting couples in relationship.A.S.

Thank you for all your assistance in this uncontested divorce. We heard nightmares of how uncontested divorces can balloon into other things. I am glad that didn’t happen. It was a pleasure to meet you and get these services of your firm. I can’t believe how quickly our divorce came through and we will recommend you to all our friends. H.U.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all your support in Court. When you arrived I felt confident and secure that with your experience I was in great hands. As per my conversation with Mr. Salamone I look forward to you representing me. I continue to thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.M.A.

I came to Mr. Salamone years ago. After the divorce I was unable to buy my wife out of the house. I was happy that Mr. Salamone and his staff were able to negotiate a different deal that was in my means. I am unable to remain in my house and we avoided cost and litigation. I called them to thank them and I am writing this review to show my appreciation. E.F.

It was a pleasure to be in Court with Katherine. She was a seasoned lawyer. I felt safe and comfortable with Katherine fighting against my husband and domestic abuse.M.A.

I would like to thank Bryan L. Salamone and his entire staff.  I am very happy with all of the good work they have done and I am very happy with the results of my divorce.  I told them that I was going to refer clients and I intend to.J.S.

First  I would like to thank you so much for the professional job that your firm and you personally did by winning and obtaining my son Derrick. D.O.

I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates because my husband wasn’t paying child support and he was working off the books; and telling me he had no money. I received three times what I expected from Mr. Salamone. He blew my husband out of the water and I am getting the support I need. I thank him and so do my children. Client

I was divorced using Bryan L. Salamone and Associates. My calls were returned every single day without questions. My attorney was always responsive and I always felt I was well represented. It is with great pleasure that I referred by new boyfriend (the most important person in my life) to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. His attorney had not been returning his calls, nothing was going on with his case, and he needed an attorney who would get the job done. Bryan Salamone & Associates got me divorced in a matter of 2 months. I couldn’t be happier. — CO

I am ever so grateful for the expert representation given to me by Marc Stein, Esq. & Bryan Salamone, Esq. from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. The excellent counsel of both Marc and Bryan resulted in my gaining custody of my two boys, while best protecting my assets. My divorce was highly contentious and without their skills, would certainly not have had such a favorable outcome. — GM

I hired Bryan L. Salamone in 2007 for him to handle my divorce. I don't know what I was thinking when I discharged the firm and hired someone else at a recommendation. My divorce resolved and I settled for far less than I ever wanted and I gave away most of the time with my children. I am a good mother and my husband has 60 days of visitation over the year where kids do nothing but watch TV and get ignored. I was embarrassed to go back to Mr. Salamone and I candidly stated that I wished that I never had discharged their firm for someone that was recommended. After over six years Mr. Salamone remembered me; greeted me and returned me to the firm with open arms. He still had my file and was able to re-construct the original deal I was looking for six years before. I feel like I wasted time for over these years I was sorry that I ever let Mr. Salamone go. This firm for over six years I have been regretting it and I am happy to finally have them on my side. My next court date is in three weeks and I couldn't be happier. I am confident and we are prepared. — RC

After two attorneys and over a year and a half of battling my husband in Court I felt nobody was sticking up for me. I called Bryan Salamone and MI'. Salamone took my case. His hourly rate was less than the other lawyers and so was his retainer. I was hesitant at first. My hnsband doesn't work and he was trying to take my children. I was being punished for being successfnl and the bread winner. MI'. Salamone turned things aronnd. After a trial we received the best possible decision from the Judge. I was finally vindicated and everything I wanted seems to have been given to me. I cannot recommend this firm enough. I had two separate law firms (well known expensive firms) prior to hiring Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. I am thrilled with the results I received. — AC

I contacted Bryan L. Salamone when I was facing jail for over $100,000.00 worth of child support arrears spanning through the time when the children came in and out of my home; reconciliation and times when I had paid direct. Mr. Salamone didn't make any specific promises but I was able and comfortable with his experience. I highly recommend the firm. I ended up getting my drivel"s license intact; a passport; and a payment plan I can live with respect to child support arrears. I couldn't be happier. I never wanted to be a dead beat dad and I want to pay for my children and I couldn't do so from jail. — LB

As a second wife I did all of the research and I found your firm. I am pleased that my husband used you. There was nothing worse than watching my family suffer while he spent his hard earned money paying alimony to his first wife. I took the risk of selecting your firm and asking him to retain you and I could not be happier. I thank you for what you have done and as a result of your good work my family is living much better and we are able to meet our expenses now that he is not paying wife number one. You have helped my husband to finally move on from his first wife and his second wife and my entire family thanks you. — AS

I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. because I wanted an attorney who would fight for my rights as a father. There was no reason I should have been visiting my son when I work from home and have my own business. This is a classic reversal of roles and Mr. Salamone made sure the Judge realized that for all purposes: I was the housewife and I was the best suited for custody because I had nothing but time for our son.
Mr. Salamone pursued my rights as a father; he took my case and gave it the importance it deserved and got me custody of my son. I highly recommend this firm.
— BA

They said attorney Jamie Hirsh was absolutely instrumenental in resolving all of my divorce issues with extreme clarity and definition. Her actions were concise, honest, and intelligent. Having her represent me was a tremendous asset and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone requiring these legal services. — Client

Thank you so much! You have helped me and my son so much I cannot thank you enough. Joan B

I hired Mr. Salamone because he had done divorces for at least two people that I know. I have two businesses, together with various assets. I had a pre-nuptial agreement that was not worth the paper it was written on. My wife hadn't worked in 15 years and I had two kids. Mr. Salamone is the best lawyer on Long Island. I can't say enough about how he saved me from losing everything in my divorce. He is a successful and aggressive attorney and as a result of that, he was able to get a better deal for me than anyone else could. I am confident and forever in his debt. Client

I just completed my trial with Mr. Salamone. He was effective and aggressive. He cross examined the forensics, my wife, and I have no reason to believe I won’t get custody. Mr. Salamone has been my attorney in connection with the custody matter for more than six years and countless court cases. As a result of his aggressive nature and his talent, I have custody of my daughter. FC

When I came to Bryan L. Salamone’s office, I was in a terrible mess with child support past due, back alimony due with a judgment of $251,000 against me from my ex-wife. Thanks to Bryan’s firm and Marc Stein, Esq., who handled my case, my judgment is now gone and I have a judgment against my ex for $75,000. Also, I no longer am paying any monies to my ex for any child support past and future. Client

I was referred by Bryan L. Salamone & Associates from my work friend. He used Marc Stein, Esq. as his attorney. He said very good things about Marc. I went for a free consultation and Marc spent at least 45 minutes with me. I am not ready for a divorce now but I certainly know what I can expect if it happens. I was also given good information. Marc is knowledgeable, friendly, and I will use him when the time comes. BD

Making the decision to get divorced wasn't easy for me; choosing an attorney was. Marc Stein and the whole staff at Bryan Salamone’s office truly took care of me and walked me through each step with kid gloves. I always went into court knowing that Marc was by my side and would take the time that my case needed. With full confidence I would refer Marc Stein and the office of Bryan Salamone to anyone that was in need of a great attorney. -KELLIANN M.

I like the way Mr. Salamone handled the other side. He is aggressive and I needed that against my wife and her attorney. VICTOR T.

I have relocated outside of the United States with my daughters as a direct result of Mr. Salamone’s firm, which is well-known throughout New York for obtaining relocation. I was hesitant to contact them because they had many reported cases whereby they have stopped relocation. They work both sides. In any relocation matter they are effective. They were well-known in the court. My wife had no specific problems; except for her ability to be reasonable and to provide me with relocation when it was in the best interest of our daughter, economically and socially. I have obtained relocation by a court order and without it I would have been stuck in a dead end life. I cannot thank the firm of Bryan L. Salamone enough. DVT

I contacted Mr. Salamone’s firm after they did my divorce numerous years ago. There has been a change in circumstance. The same attorney was there (an associate) and Mr. Salamone personally met with me and remembered all the details of my case. I have obtained the modification of custody I was seeking and it is my pleasure to recommend this firm to anyone who is having a problem after a divorce. AM

Thank you so much for all you do. I have my son and that’s all I ever wanted. Brian G


I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in connection with a long-term marriage. Although we have been separated for many years, Mr. Salamone explained to me the dangers of remaining married to someone with whom you are not living with. My husband has ruined my credit, was interfering with my ability to move on life, and would be next of kin if anything happened to me, rather than my son, who has always been with me and is the love of my life.

Mr. Salamone was able to navigate through the laws of various jurisdictions. He served my husband out of state, he dealt with publishing notices in newspapers out of state and attempting to serve my husband as my husband evaded service, is sneaky and purposefully unresponsive.

During the course of the divorce, the judge that was handling the matter retired and the second judge that was handling my matter passed away. Mr. Salamone's firm and his associates are in court everyday and was able to react to these changes instantly and to host my case through the court system to the point where it is now. I am now divorced. I have retained all of my retirement accounts; I have retained all of the property; and I am still living in the same household with my son. I am free from my husband; I am free from any debts that he is incurring; I am able to move on with my life. In comparison to what I have heard, this divorce has been very inexpensive. They were delays due to the death of one judge and retirement of another, but the entire divorce only took a few months and the cost is reasonable compared to my friends' horrors stories. I was able to get my calls returned daily, I was treated very well and everything was always explained to me.

I had interviewed and called other law firms. I understand that it can be difficult to divorce someone who lives in another state and is hiding or evading service. Every time I spoke to Mr. Salamone or any of his associates, I was fully confident that I had a winning team who would get the job done. I should have done this years ago. I whole heartedly recommend this firm. Davina D. L. C.

We came for mediation and the process was easy, everything was explained in simple easy to understand terms, and everything under our divorce was done efficiently and to our satisfaction. I highly recommend this law office for their services. Marlene & Julio L.

I can't say enough about the professionalism and compassion that was shown to me throughout my divorce. It was evident that Ms. Hersch truly cared about seeing me through this difficult time as quickly and easily as possible. Harold L.

I have used Bryan L. Salamone for many years as my attorney and he has fought hard for me. He is a great attorney. Hugo M.

I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. because I wanted aggressive attorneys. At the time I retained Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, my home was in foreclosure. The firm immediately made a motion to the court to appoint a receiver to preserve whatever equity I had in my home at the doing of my wife who I thought was paying our mortgage. We got a receiver appointed and the house was sold. When the house was sold, Bryan L. Salamone & Associates took immediate action to get custody of my three children. They were very diligent and efficient and, as a father, to achieve getting custody of my three young children, I was extremely happy. I receive child support through the Child Support Collections Unit. I was able to receive $20,000 in equity in my home. The children are attending school and are happy in their lives. I cannot thank Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. enough for all their hard work and diligent efforts in achieving my goals. They were attentive to my needs and swift in their litigation efforts. I recommend them highly to whoever is in the same or worse predicament. Dan R.

I thank you for the attention to detail and the great job you have done for me in both this agreement and the last. You have listened to my concerns, addressed them, and provided the documents that give me the parental rights I have been seeking. Doug S.

Jamie, I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for seeing us through this process in court on Thursday. I feel very good about the outcome and appreciate all you did to make it happen. Client

Thank you to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. for all you've done. With your help I have a new life and am a different person. Klara L.

Bryan L. Salamone has just won me custody of my daughter and I am permitted to stay in our home after the divorce. I hired Bryan L. Salamone to get me a divorce but what I was most concerned about was custody of my daughter. Not only did I get custody of my daughter, but now I have the right to stay in my home and my daughter’s life will not be disrupted. My wife's attorney had only three lawyers working in his firm and they were completely outgunned and unprepared for what happened at trial. Bryan L. Salamone comes with my highest recommendation from the day I met him through the day I won at trial. He handled my case and got me everything I needed. I could not be happier. He is aggressive, professional and effective.

I contacted Bryan L. Salamone & Associates because I met Mr. Salamone at a charity event and I was impressed with his business knowledge and expertise. I have run marketing and internet companies and wanted a matrimonial lawyer who had knowledge of business, business evaluation, start -up companies, and could handle my assets and protect my businesses I built during the divorce. My husband is a blue collar worker and we have no children.

It was my opinion that since I was the one who formed the businesses and worked up to eighteen hours a day, my husband should not get half. I was the principal of all my businesses and none of them would run without me.

I could not tell you how pleased I was dealing with Bryan Salamone and his associates. Both Mr. Salamone and his associates have incredible knowledge of business evaluation, experts, and impressed me with their knowledge and representation of me as a business owner. Other lawyers told me I could lose fifty percent to my husband because the businesses were started during the marriage. Mr. Salamone was confident that I would not have to give him fifty percent. Although, my case did not go to trial, Mr. Salamone secured a fantastic settlement after nine months of fighting. My husband only got eighteen percent of the value of my business and the businesses were evaluated by experts selected by Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. I couldn’t be happier. I certainly didn’t want my husband profiting from all my hard work while he did nothing throughout our marriage. When hiring a law firm, I looked at the size of the firm and the success of the firms and whether or not the firms were successful. I was shocked at the appearance and mannerism of the prior attorneys that I interviewed. It was rare that I met an attorney that had a business sense. I am pleased to have met Mr. Salamone and his Associates. They run a tight ship and made sure that what I built remains, for the most part, mine after the divorce. If you are looking for a law firm to represent you in divorce who knows business, I recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. Alison L.

I contacted Bryan L. Salamone & Associates after I was served with divorce papers. I was residing in the State of Nevada and I have not been back to Long Island for more than eight years. I do not miss Long Island and I have been separated from my wife and two children for more than two years.

I made the decision to hire Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. over the phone without ever meeting them. My case was handled by a young female Associate and my calls were returned each day and I never had to appear in court. All our communications have been through fax, email, phone and even Skype. My case was relatively easy but it was difficult for me to select a lawyer without meeting them. I feel that I was well taken care of and since I met my lawyer through the internet, I am writing this review, sight unseen. Thank you to Bryan Salamone, to his secretaries and staff. I feel like I know you all through your small pictures on the internet and you made my divorce much easier than I could have imagined. I have been procrastinating for many years and I feel that I found the right firm. Client

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates went above and beyond throughout my entire case. As one can expect, going through a divorce is one of the hardest fights of your life. Without this firm I am not sure that I would have won my fight; at least not with the settlement that I did. My husband swore he would leave me with nothing, Bryan and his associates made sure that did not happen. Because of them I am able to maintain the lifestyle that my children and I were accustomed to and we did not have to move out of our home. I cannot thank them enough.

Bryan is a dedicated lawyer who will aggressively represent you as a client. He is passionate about his practice and there is no better divorce attorney.

This firm is the biggest/best divorce firm in Suffolk...they really do provide "aggressive representation", which is definitely what you want from your lawyer(s). I wouldn't pay much attention to the other negative reviews...after thousands of cases, people are sure to be upset about something they're not knowledgeable in...after all, divorces are usually not a fun/happy event to go through.

This firm has done so much for me. I'm very private so I won't go into much detail, but I do believe they deserve a few minutes of my time to spread the word! They made the best out of what I thought would be an uphill battle. They are aggressive in the courtroom but patient and caring where it counts. Do yourself a favor, do your family a favor use these guys. Blake

I met with Bryan concerning a complicated divorce. Bryan and his associates were tough and worked hard to get me the best settlement possible. They are very knowledgeable in family law, but more importantly they always return my phonecalls the same day unlike other attorneys' offices. All my concerns were completely addressed, and everyone at the firm treated me with respect. Client

Bryan delivered what he promised, proving that not all lawyers are liars. He was very aggressive in court as he promised and it felt good to have him on my side. I don't want to air my family's dirty laundry but let's just say my wife didn't deserve the kids or the house and she got neither! Paul

Thank you Bryan L. Salamone & Associates for everything!!! I can't stress enough how glad I am that I used the Bryan L. Salamone & Associates law firm for my custody case. They were the best and I owe them the biggest THANK YOU ever! momof3li

Wonderful people, great attorneys....I received everything I wanted in my divorce including comfort and compassion from my attorney! Thank you Bryan L. Salamone!! :) Jen 6/23/09

Evey time I met with any of the attorneys at this firm, I was highly impressed by their professional attitude, and their immense knowledge in the field of matrimonial law. This firm represented me in a highly aggressive way, which is what you want in legal representation. Brent

This is the guy you want on your side if you are getting divorced or in a child custody battle. He is aggressive and passionate no one better in the field. Richard B.

I can honestly say that Bryan Salamone's office helped me during the most terrible time of my life. I received everything I needed and more to move on with my be happy again!! :) From the very first phone call to the signing of the final divorce paperwork, I was completely satisfied with the firm's services. I also thought that the associates of the firm, young or not, were absolutely fabulous and more knowledgeable than most of the older attorneys I had dealt with in the past. I switched attorneys from another firm when I was getting walked all over and hit with ridiculous fees and Bryan and his associates turned everything around for me!! Client

When I think of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., I think of politeness, professionalism and honesty. I trusted this firm for many important decisions I had to make in my life. They took the time to explain everything every step of the way. They always returned my telephone calls promptly and the atmosphere in the office, from everyone, was always friendly. They always have a smile to share. I would recommend this office to everyone I know for any problem needed to solved. You can trust this office to do their very best. D.M.

I'm not a person who shops around for rates, especially for things of importance such as this. With that said, Bryan L Salamone's firm has amongst the most reasonable rates on the island. Now here is why that doesn't even matter: this firm has to be one of the most organized, well-informed, and up to date on everything they do. They are always prompt on the phone and in the office. That said, this firm has fought hard for me when I thought that there was no one left in the world on my side. I will save the details of the heartbreak I have been through, but these guys did the best they could for me and fought like it was their own children. This is not something I could repay them for even in money. Client

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children who recently went through an extremely painful divorce. My previous attorney was doing nothing to help my case. I met Mr. Salamone and knew instantaneously that I would be represented zealously and aggressively. The staff and the associates were always extremely helpful and compassionate to my situation at all times. Mr. Salamone not only settled my case, but it is because of him that myself and my children are protected and provided for. I highly recommend this firm to anyone going through divorce. Client

Meeting and having Mr. Salamone and his team of lawyers represent me during my divorce was the best decision I have made after meeting various lawyers. They have advised me every step of the way, and actually saved me from making decisions that would hurt me in the end. I can't recommend this attorney enough. Aggressive.... YES! Client

I am writing to express my gratitude to the attorneys at Bryan Salamone's office. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and the attorneys at Mr. Salamone's office made a difficult situation a lot easier for me. They truly cared about me and about my case. I was impressed with the attention I received as a client. My phone calls were always returned and I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my case. Overall, my experience with Mr. Salamone's office was great. I would definitely recommend this office to my family and friends. Client