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How Much Does a New York Divorce Cost?

Long Island’s largest divorce and family law firm manages cost with effective no-fault, uncontested filings

Asking how much a divorce costs is sort of like asking how much a car costs. The answer depends on whether you plan to buy a new Cadillac or a pre-owned Volkswagen. With divorce, the cost depends largely on your goals for life after divorce, how much your goals conflict with your spouse’s, and how hard the two of you are willing to fight. The number of children and the complexity of your marital estate also influence the cost. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we handle everything from simple uncontested divorces to highly contested, high-net-worth marital dissolutions. We offer realistic advice based on decades of experience and employ cost-effective strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Factors influencing the cost of your New York divorce

The initial fee to file a divorce is currently $210. There are additional expenses each time you file with the court. But your greatest expenses come from your attorney’s hourly rate and the costs of consulting experts and deposing any witnesses that either party calls to testify in court. Other drivers of cost include:

  • Grounds — Since New York adopted no-fault divorce, there is no necessity to allege grounds. Yet some spouses have emotional reasons, including the need to justify their actions, that compel them to allege grounds. Of course, this gives the spouses something else to fight over, which draws out litigation.
  • Child custody — Many spouses choose to fight custody battles simply because of a conflict in parenting styles or to catch a slight break on child support. Consultations with child psychiatrists add to the cost of divorce, so unless contact with a parent is clearly detrimental to the child, it’s often best to negotiate a joint custody agreement
  • Property disputes — With large marital estates, accounting for assets is a complex process. It’s often necessary for your attorney to consult financial experts to value assets such as ongoing businesses or professional practices. Detailed discovery adds cost, but these expenditures are justified when the process reveals hidden assets and ensures an equitable distribution of marital property.
  • Irrational behavior — Divorces often drag on because one spouse has an irrational desire to use the process to punish the other. Irrationality is the greatest driver of unnecessary expense in the divorce process, which is why we remind our clients to focus on realistic long-term goals.

An uncontested divorce costs $450, excluding approximately $400 in costs and expenses (including Court and Clerk filing fees, delivery, retrieval costs and expenses, postage and copying). A contested divorce has a $2,000 retainer on selected cases, with a $290 hourly rate. Court costs may vary.

Our quickest, easiest solution: Divorce by phone for $450 plus additional fees

At Salamone & Associates, we go out of our way to simplify your divorce and control your costs. If you are a candidate for uncontested divorce, we can help you file for divorce in about 30 minutes with a single phone call! There’s no appointment necessary and you speak directly to an attorney who takes down all the information necessary to file within the hour in most cases. You can even pay our low fee — $450 retainer plus approximately $400 (including Court and Clerk filing fees, delivery, retrieval costs and expenses, postage and copying) — with a credit card over the phone. Simple relief can be just a phone call away.

Cost-effective alternatives to litigating divorce

Every time you go to court, your expenses rise dramatically. That’s why we recommend negotiating settlements to as many ancillary issues as possible. When negotiations reach an impasse, mediation is an important cost-saving step. A mediator is often successful in guiding warring spouses toward a mutually beneficial resolution of thorny divorce issues.

Spouses who can cooperate reasonably well can often save time, money and frustration by filing a no-fault, uncontested divorce. Our experienced attorneys help you negotiate a marital settlement agreement that resolves all of your issues and acts as the basis of the court’s divorce order. If you’re looking for a low-cost divorce, we have the services to meet your needs.

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