Advice for a Successful Child Custody Evaluation

Advice for a Successful Child Custody Evaluation

If child custody is a major issue in your divorce case, you may need to undergo a child custody evaluation. During this process, you will meet with a third-party evaluator to determine your fitness as a parent.

The following are a few key tips as you prepare for this evaluation:

  • Always be upfront regarding your strengths and weaknesses as a parent. Honesty and self-awareness will reflect well on you in the eyes of your evaluator.
  • Never denigrate your former spouse. Instead, acknowledge the importance of having each parent in your children’s lives. This displays maturity on your part.
  • Answer any questions the evaluator asks of you truthfully and avoid using them as a platform to then discuss other aspects of your life or parental ability.
  • Keep your focus on your children and what’s best for them.
  • Never attempt to coach your kids into giving certain answers to the evaluator. It will be obvious to the evaluator if your kids have been somehow influenced in their behavior, and it will reflect poorly on you.
  • Be prompt and do not miss any appointments with the evaluator.
  • Never disobey any custody orders while the evaluation is still pending; this could be devastating to your chances of obtaining custody.
  • If the evaluator asks you to search for and provide any additional information or documents, make sure you follow up as quickly as possible.

Custody evaluations can be stressful. For the sound guidance you need during this time, meet with an experienced Long Island divorce and child custody lawyer at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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