Amicable Divorce: Sometimes it Happens

Hollywood celebrity divorce — three words that guarantee must-see headlines and furtive pictures by the paparazzi. Recently, one celebrity couple took the high road during their divorce.

Best known for playing the role of Rose in Two and a Half Men, Melanie Lynskey married actor Jimmi Simpson in 2007. The couple met on a television set in 2001. After separating in April of 2012, Ms. Lynskey filed for divorce in August of 2012, citing irreconcilable differences.

Finalized in May of this year, some key points of their divorce include:

  • The couple worked out their divorce with a mediator. Neither party hired an attorney.
  • Both parties agreed to waive spousal support.
  • In dividing their property, language was included in their divorce agreement that neither party would take unfair advantage.

With no minor children, discussions about child support and visitation were unnecessary, perhaps lending a more conciliatory tone to these proceedings. Nonetheless, the amicable approach used by this celebrity couple is a good model for parties who wish to split privately and without acrimony.

In New York, mediated divorce gives our clients a cost-effective path toward divorce. As the largest family law practice in Long Island, we offer skilled mediation services for clients with simple and complex divorce cases.

While Ms. Lynskey and Mr. Simpson used a mediator, it is likely their mediator was either an attorney or an attorney reviewed their agreement prior to signing. Agreements crafted by the parties are usually the best kind, but they need legal review to ensure the document comports with the law and the best interests of all involved.

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