Anticipating Divorce: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

If you believe you will be entering into a divorce with your spouse in the near future, it is important to take all necessary steps to protect yourself, your children and your assets. Through the following five tips, you can be better prepared for when you or your partner file for divorce.

  1. Become an expert on your household’s finances: If your partner typically handles your finances, now is the time to become familiar with all of your family’s financial happenings. Be sure you are knowledgeable of yours and your spouse’s investments, savings, retirement funds, checking account balances, mortgage payments, tax returns and debts. When you find documents pertaining to the financial status of your home, make copies for future reference.
  1. Start saving: Should you believe your family is headed for divorce, it would be wise to start saving money of your own. Even if you believe you will be the one to file for divorce, you will need funds to file documents and pay your attorney. Also, refrain from making major purchases or deepening debt.
  1. Focus on your children: Try to ensure your child does not experience any unnecessary tension leading up to your divorce. Also, if you believe your spouse will challenge your custodial rights, it is important that you remain active in all of your child’s activities leading up to and during your divorce.
  1. Build credit: Before you go through your divorce, take a hard look into your personal credit. Pull your credit scores, and see what you can do to get the best scores possible. If you do not have any credit history, you will want to open up a credit card and start working on your score.
  1. Find an experienced lawyer: Finally, you will want to be certain that you have an experienced lawyer to support and guide your divorce proceedings. It is not enough to have any lawyer represent you in your divorce; you will want to have an attorney who specializes in divorce and family law actively working as your advocate.

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