Be Prepared for Divorce Court

Involvement in a contentious divorce matter is easier when you know what to expect.

Most people hope for an easy, quick divorce. While almost no one achieves it, some divorces are worse than others. And still other divorce experiences linger in bitterness and legal fees for years.

Our firm aggressively supports the rights and wishes of our clients. Part of our service is helping you know what is going to happen. We help you make good decisions and fight for what you deserve.

A recent divorce hearing involving New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton illustrates a common process of resolving divorce disputes. In May, Mr. Felton and his wife, Ariane Felton, arrived at the courthouse prepared for a hearing. The legal appointment went something like this:

  • The two parties sat in the courtroom as their lawyers moved in and out of conferences with the judge trying to resolve disputed issues.
  • After approximately four hours, the parties left without a settlement.

Often, parties settle their issues at court with the aid of skilled lawyers and participation of a judge. You may spend hours in a conference room, courtroom or hallway as your attorney proposes and structures a settlement on your behalf. However, sometimes the settlement process fails.

In this case, Mr. Felton is claiming the validity of a prenuptial agreement in order to avoid alimony payments. While acknowledging the prenuptial agreement, Ms. Felton states the document contains provisions that void its arbitration clause in the presence of threats of physical violence or extramarital affairs. According to Ms. Felton, Mr. Felton committed both.

Knowing what to expect in a courtroom is important as you prepare for a hearing. When you have questions about divorce and need strong, skilled legal representation in New York, contact Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C.

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