Beware the Happy Meal: It May Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Parenting young children is not easy. Children throw tantrums, make a fuss and generally need guidance to keep their behavior in line. Parenting young children during a bitter divorce battle is no easier, as one New York man recently found out. 

In a story told in headlines across the country, David Schorr, involved in a custody case with his estranged wife, was out for dinner with their 5-year-old son at their usual spot, the Corner Café on Third Avenue. 

On Oct. 30, his son protested his father's choice of venue, and pitched a fit in favor of the Golden Arches, specifically Chicken McNuggets. Mr. Schorr, concerned his son is eating too much junk food, does not usually take him to McDonalds. Mr. Schorr offered his son a choice of dinner elsewhere or no dinner at all. 

Unwilling to go elsewhere, his son continued his tantrum and Mr. Schorr returned the boy to his mother. Instead of supporting Mr. Schorr's parenting decision, Bari Yunis Schorr chastised Mr. Schorr in front of his son and then took the boy to McDonalds. 

Following the incident, Ms. Schorr contacted court-appointed psychologist Marilyn Schiller who expressed her opinion that Mr. Schorr is wholly incapable of caring for his son and that the child's tantrum "raises concerns about the viability” of weekend parenting time enjoyed by Mr. Schorr. Schiller recommended that the parenting time accorded to Mr. Schorr be reduced. 

In response, Mr. Schorr filed a defamation lawsuit against Ms. Schiller. 

This case demonstrates the strong need for protection of a father’s right to parent his child. Regardless of gender, the case also illustrates the chilling effect of court-appointed professionals who align themselves with one parent or the other in a custody case. 

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