When selecting a divorce law firm on Long Island you may think that a sole practitioner or a small firm can give you more personal attention and greater service than a large firm.  You may think that smaller firms will have more time to devote to you because they are not handling a thousand cases like a bigger firm.  However, this is not actually the case.  At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates we can show you why size matters and why our advice is better.  We are Long Island’s largest firm exclusively devoted to divorce and family law.  Our size results in more cases and more experience.  It also enables us to give you the personal attention you want and need.  We attend to your every request in a timely manner and our attorneys return your phone calls on the same day. 

Why choosing a small law firm or sole practitioner is a bad idea:

  • If they are unavailable your case gets no attention.
  • Their experience is limited to just the few cases they can handle.
  • They don’t have the support staff to be responsive to your needs or emergencies.
  • They don’t have as much experience and don’t handle multiple cases before each and every Judge.

Even though it seems that a small law firm would be better suited to giving you personal attention, this is far from true.  In order to make ends meet, small law firms end up taking in more cases than they can handle and they often do not have the resources to give you or your case the attention you need.  They are unable to appear on more than one case at a time.  Our attorneys handle dozens of cases throughout Long Island, New York City and Westchester each week and we still return each and every call every day.  We regularly have cases before every divorce Judge and we receive and review more Court results and opinions than anyone else.  By handling a larger pool of cases we are better able to spot trends, track individual Judge’s expectations and opinions, and see which arguments are more effective in each individual courtroom. The scope and range of our experience simply means that our knowledge is broader and our advice is better.

Reasons why our advice at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. is better:

We do more cases then other firms because we have a larger staff.  We have a bigger pool of data and information which we have obtained over the years by arguing more cases before more Judges than any other firm.  We have handled a wide variety of cases and therefore, we are able to give you the very best advice concerning any issue under the existing and new laws based on the facts presented.  Attorneys with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates regularly appear before Judges, Support Magistrates, Referees and Hearing Examiners in the Supreme and Family Courts of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester and Staten Island.   We are recognized for our extensive experience and presence in the Courts and have been asked by various news sources to comment on legal trends and newsworthy cases.  Our cases, comments and opinions have been featured in Newsday, Daily News, New York Post, Village Voice, and on the Channel 2, 4, 5 12, and 55 News.  We offer free consultations and we have very reasonable and competitive rates.  For a consultation or to learn more contact Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. at 1.631.479.3839. 

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