Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. Questioned on Red Carpet at Premiere of New Film

Recently, I attended the premiere of The Five Year Engagement at the Tribeca Film Festival. After enjoying the movie, I was asked by the press for my opinion. My response was, "Firstly, I absolutely loved this hilarious romantic comedy." However, as a divorce lawyer who has seen it all, I couldn't help but add, "Five year engagements often do not involve happy endings. When couples purchase homes or commingle assets, they should use their divorce attorney for a civil lawsuit or mediation, and in some cases, a constructive trust."

I went on to explain, "When couples own a home, they may have a constructive trust lawsuit in the event that they cannot agree to their respective shares or entitlement to the equity in the home. If both names are on a deed, a partition action may even be necessary, in the event that the engagement breaks up and the couple cannot agree to sell the home." My divorce law firm has handled hundreds of such broken engagements.

On a lighter note, when asked what I liked most about the movie, I replied, "While the comedy writing was top-notch, the physical comedy by the actors left me in stitches!"

Here I am, with the lead actress, Emily Blunt, at the opening of The Five Year Engagement at the Tribeca Film Festival:

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