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Opinion: The Best Interest of a Pet – Will it Be in Your Best Interest?

New York may be passing legislation that gives standing to the Supreme Court to consider “the best interest of companion animals in divorce or separation proceedings.” This legislation would be welcome if the divorce process was working smoothly. It is not. The wait time for divorces can be in excess of two years; and the… Read More »

Be Sure to Get Your Separation Agreement in Writing

If you and your spouse decide you will legally separate, even if the intent is just to take a temporary break from the relationship, it is important to get some terms of the separation in writing. Keep in mind that all the same legal rules apply during your separation as during your marriage with regard… Read More »

The Different Types of Separation and How They Apply

A separation is not the same as a divorce, but it often serves as a prelude to the dissolution of a marriage. In a separation, spouses live apart from each other, but are still legally married until they get a judgment of divorce from a family law court. There are several different types of separation,… Read More »

Key Tips for Making a Legal Separation Work

A legal separation can be a good way to transition into your new life as a divorced couple. However, it’s important to have some strict ground rules in place to make sure that the separation is actually an effective, beneficial one. With this in mind, here are some tips for making a legal separation work:… Read More »

Divorce Not Always as Easy as it Should Be for Domestic Violence Victims

One would think that instances of domestic violence in marriage would make it relatively easy for the victim to get out of the abusive relationship. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, both in New York and beyond, as a recent article in The New York Times outlines in an article that tells the stories… Read More »

Tips for Telling Your Partner You Want a Divorce

There’s no escaping the emotional turbulence brought forth during the divorce process. However, there are strategies you can employ to make the process go smoother for all parties involved, and that begins from the time you tell your partner you want to get a divorce. Below are some tips for having this difficult discussion with… Read More »

New Research Investigates What Makes Couples Get Divorced

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology investigates what causes couples to divorce, and uncovered one particularly surprising sign. In the study, researchers followed 168 couples over the course of 13 years to discover which signals were most likely to indicate a future divorce and which indicate a strong, healthy… Read More »

Should I Separate or Get a Divorce?

One question frequently considered by couples who are trying to decide whether or not they should end their marriage is: should we get separated or should we begin the divorce process? The answer largely depends on the circumstances of your relationship. If you have children together, for example, it might be more emotionally difficult for… Read More »

Tips for Navigating the Holidays When Dealing with Divorce

The holiday season can be a tough time for families dealing with divorce or separation, especially if there are children involved. There are, however, some ways you can navigate the challenges that come during the holidays in a way that minimizes potential conflict. Below are a few tips to help you through this time of… Read More »

Long Island Medium’ Star Files for Separation

Theresa Caputo, star of the show “Long Island Medium” on TLC, is separating from her husband Larry, according to a report in People magazine. The couple has been married 28 years. The split will likely play a role in the upcoming eleventh season of the show. According to Caputo, the couple’s relationship has “changed” since… Read More »