Celebrity Paternity Disputes

Paternity disputes are deeply troubling for anyone. However, for celebrities such disputes are even more difficult to handle because the whole world is watching.

Below are a few of the most talked about celebrity paternity disputes:

  • Jude Law: In 2009, a paternity dispute arose between actor Jude Law and his lover Samantha Burke. While speculation that Law fathered the child was ongoing in the gossip columns, it was not until Law took a paternity test that the results were conclusive.
  • Kourtney Kardashian: In 2010, celebrity Kourtney Kardashian came under fire from her ex-lover Michael Girgenti who claimed he was in fact the father of her child, not her boyfriend Scott. Although Kourtney has admitted to infidelity during a period of fighting with her boyfriend, she has yet to take a paternity test to prove who the real father is.
  • Chris Rock: A woman claimed to have given birth to the son of Chris Rock in 2007. After taking a court-ordered DNA test, Rock proved that he was not the father.
  • Justin Bieber: Mariah Yeater accused pop-star Justin Bieber of impregnating her backstage at a concert in 2011. However, after Bieber took a paternity test to prove he was not the father, Yeater and her legal team backed down from the fight.

Fortunately, you do not have to handle the emotional trauma and legal complexity of a paternity dispute alone. An attorney who practices divorce or family law can provide you with the aggressive representation you need to resolve the situation.

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