Child Custody Options in New York

You gave your child life—now divorce threatens the quality of that fleeting childhood. When circumstance demands you divide your child’s world, what options do you have?

Our firm, Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has handled hundreds of child custody matters. From experience, we know custody and visitation arrangements that fit one family do not necessarily suit the next.

The best custody arrangements are those agreed upon by both parents working through their divorce. We regularly provide knowledgeable advice to clients about custody alternatives they might employ. Common custody options include the following:

Sole custody gives physical and legal responsibility to one parent providing them authority over the physical, educational, and emotional welfare of their child. The non-custodial parent generally supplies financial support and has set visitation rights

  • Physical custody to one parent, and legal custody to both
  • Joint physical and legal custody to both
  • Use of a neutral coordinator, or shared areas of parental influence

Our family law firm handles more contested divorces than any other firm in Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk counties. We routinely see disagreement over child custody turn even amicable spouses bitter.

Conflicting testimony and high emotional tenor make child custody matters tough cases—but they can be won. Children are precious and childhood flies by very fast. Do not lose your children on a technicality, or for lack of legal effort. Make sure you hire skilled, aggressive attorneys who know how to fight for the custody arrangement you and your children need.

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