Choosing the Right Day Care for Your Children

For parents who have just gone through a divorce, it can be a challenge trying to figure out what they will do to care for their young children, especially if they work long hours. Many divorced parents opt to send their young children to day care. However, when you begin looking into day care facilities, it’s important that you do your due diligence in analyzing them so you can find the best fit for your children.

Some things to look for in any day care include the following:

  • Licensing. Day care centers should be licensed by or registered with a state agency. Look for facilities that are regularly inspected by state officials for health and safety and that have workers that have specialized education and training. These are all good indicators of the kind of quality you’re getting out of a day care center.
  • Staff to child ratio. How many children are watched by caregivers at once? Will your child get the individual attention that he or she needs? Good guidelines are that there should be one adult for every three to four infants, for every four to six children under three, for every 10 children between three and five and for every 12 children five and older.
  • Policies. You should look for day care centers that fall in line with your views regarding discipline. Also investigate how the center handles sick children, and if members are trained in first aid.
  • Safety. Day care centers should be in good neighborhoods, have fire alarms and smoke detectors, perform regular fire drills, have safe playgrounds and equipment and have clean, disinfected toys. Doors should be locked at all times to prevent unwanted visitors.
  • Staff. Do the people who work at the day care center seem like people that you would trust your children with? Sometimes, this gut instinct can tell you a lot about a facility.

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