Common Fights That Can Predict a Divorce

Common Fights That Can Predict a Divorce

Over the years there have been numerous studies performed about marriages and divorces that seek to determine factors that make for happy (and unhappy) marriages. Certain key behavior patterns are more commonly associated with couples who will get divorced, such as constant criticism, defensive behaviors and general contempt.

Constant arguments can also be a sign of divorce, though some arguments can be constructive. But which of these fights are most likely to lead to divorce? Here are a few examples.

  • Spending: Differences in spending habits and styles that cause big fights are a common factor in divorces. While it is common for spouses to have differences when it comes to how they like to spend money, those spouses that are unable to compromise or constantly fight over finances are much more likely to have their marriage end.
  • Nit picking: In a healthy relationship, it is common for partners to discuss issues they have with each other and figure out constructive ways to broach the subject to resolve the problem. However, constant criticisms and nit picking of a partner’s behavior and habits, often days after certain behaviors occurred, can make divorce more likely.
  • Insults: It might seem obvious, but fights that lead to insults, sarcasm, mockery, eye rolling or other forms of hostile behavior are much more likely to cause divorces.
  • Sex: Sex is a common subject of arguments in marriages. If one spouse is unsatisfied with the sexual nature of the relationship, it is more likely to result in dissatisfaction in the marriage. Couples often have differing sexual needs and desires, and it takes regular, open communication to figure out how best to meet each partner’s needs and form some level of compatibility, even if you have different drives.
  • Children: Partners who differ in whether they wish to have children and have big arguments about it are unlikely to be incompatible for a long-term marriage.

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