Common Myths Related to Divorce Mediation

Common Myths Related to Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is one of the most effective processes for keeping your divorce case out of the courts, which makes it a popular choice for divorcing couples. However, there are some misconceptions regarding the mediation process that might make people unnecessarily anxious.

Below are a few of the most common myths related to divorce mediation (and the truths behind them):

MYTH: Mediation makes it easy for one spouse to take advantage of the other.

Mediators are trained to closely analyze the balance of power between the spouses, and they have various techniques to address and neutralize those imbalances. If one spouse attempts to dominate the conversation or the terms of the divorce, the mediator will call a halt to the process. You must let the mediator know if any attempts by your spouse to dominate you are happening outside of sessions.

MYTH: Mediation makes the divorce process take longer.

Mediation takes less time than divorce litigation in almost every instance, while having the added benefit of costing significantly less.

MYTH: You don’t need a lawyer if you go through mediation.

It can be quite helpful to consult a divorce attorney as you go through mediation. A lawyer will keep you informed of your legal rights, coach you during negotiation sessions, help you come up with settlement ideas and prepare all the paperwork once you have reached an agreement with your spouse.

MYTH: Mediation is always the best option for divorce.

Mediation works for most divorcing couples, but there are some cases in which it will not work. If domestic violence or substance abuse is an issue, you must rely more heavily on an attorney to work for you. Or, if you have a spouse who will refuse to cooperate with any mediation or negotiation, you will have little choice but to go to court.

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