Common Questions that Come Up in Divorce Court

Common Questions that Come Up in Divorce Court

The prospect of attending a court hearing for your divorce might be intimidating if you don’t have any experience in court. You can make the process a bit less scary by preparing yourself for the kinds of questions you’re likely to be asked.

Here are a few common examples.

  • Basic information: Expect to get started with basic information, including your name, address, telephone number, length of residence in your specific area, and name and information of the defendant (your spouse).
  • Information about the marriage: You will likely be asked certain questions about your marriage, including when and where you married, if you have a marriage certificate, and if you have had any children together (by birth or adoption) and their ages.
  • Cohabitation: Do you and your spouse currently live together, or have you been separated for some time?
  • Children: Do you and your spouse have any custody agreements already in place for your children? What about visitation and child support? The court will want to know as much about any existing agreements as possible.
  • Property: The court will ask you to provide information about any personal or real property rights that will need to be decided in court. This is everything ranging from accounts and pensions to houses, cars, personal property and even your debts.

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