Couples More Likely to Get Divorced Upon Returning from Family Trips

According to research from sociologists at the University of Washington, divorce tends to be much more likely after couples get home from family vacations. It’s perhaps one of the primary reasons why divorce rates tend to spike in January and August of each year—those are the times right after the holidays and at the end of kids’ summer vacations, respectively.

There are numerous reasons why this might be the case. Couples may try to hang on to their struggling relationships through a family vacation, sometimes believing that the trip will help them reconnect. Or, they may wish to provide the family with one last positive experience before pursuing divorce. Regardless, problems in a relationship rarely go away with a vacation.

Vacations, holidays can expose underlying issues

According to the University of Washington study, vacations often highlight the tensions and conflicts couples near divorce are experiencing. There is also the factor of people having high expectations as the holidays or a vacation approach, which can make the letdown even greater once the experience is over and the relationship is still in turmoil. Meanwhile, despite the hope and excitement of the holidays, it can also be one of the more stressful times of the year, exacerbating existing conflict in a relationship.

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