Custody and Support Issues for Military Parents

The men and women who defend our country face special challenges during divorce and child custody litigation. Fortunately, state and federal laws prevent a parent from using the military status of the other parent to gain an unfair advantage in custody and support disputes.

The fact that a military parent may be deployed or transferred cannot be held against that parent when a court is determining child custody. Other laws that aid members of the U.S. military in custody and support matters include:

  • The New York Domestic Relations Law states that the return of a parent from military deployment or service constitutes a substantial change in circumstances and provides adequate grounds for the review and possible modification of current child custody orders.
  • The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act is a federal law that protects active duty military personnel from having default judgments entered against them while they are deployed. Service members can request a delay in any civil proceedings if they can show that their military responsibilities prevent them from properly representing their interests in court.

The men and women who fight for our freedom need an advocate who can protect their interests in divorce and custody matters. As experienced Nassau County domestic relations lawyers, Bryan L. Salamone and his team understand the laws that affect members of the military in domestic proceedings.


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