Divorce Counsel: Understanding the Road Ahead

In hindsight, people who have been divorced can usually offer advice on how a lawyer helped or hurt their case. If thinking about divorce, it is important you understand up front the need for good legal counsel for any family law matter.

Divorce is the process of dissolving the legal relationship between you and your spouse. While you do not need to hire an attorney, the decisions you make during divorce impact your life far into the future. Before you are granted a divorce, you must resolve issues with your spouse concerning property, finances, support and children.

Experienced attorneys who handle family law are seasoned litigators who understand contract law, property division, the rights of mothers and fathers, child custody and the civil and sometimes criminal court system. Choosing the right counsel has a tremendous impact on the outcome of your case and your fortunes down the road. So what do you need?  Consider these points:

  • Experience: Retain an attorney who practices solely in family law. Even if your friend the personal injury attorney is willing to help you out, ask for a referral instead.
  • Ability: Even simple, amicable divorces can turn into bitter high conflict cases. High conflict cases give divorce a bad name, so make sure you have aggressive counsel willing to protect your rights.
  • Forum: Choosing an attorney unafraid to mediate or litigate gives you options for handling your case, whichever way it turns.

When divorce takes your life apart, make sure you have the right counsel to put the pieces back together for the future you want.  Call Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C.

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