Divorce Law Firms: The Bigger the Better

For whatever reason, divorce law firms have remained small in New York. Firms that exclusively handle divorce and divorce-related issues (with no other areas of practice) have remained small often only consisting of only a few attorneys. Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has more than 10 attorneys and maintains a total staff of over 20 individuals practicing only in the area of family law and divorce.

By maintaining a staff of such size and by handling almost a thousand cases a year, our large firm can better protect our clients through information gathering and intimate knowledge of the Courts. For example, the cases reported in law books are only extreme cases. Not every case makes a law book, only the most outrageous or ground breaking cases are reported. Chances are, your case will not be one of the “one in a million cases” that hits the law book as being groundbreaking or unique. Everyone thinks they have a unique case but most cases can be molded into 15 or 20 fact patterns with variations.

By maintaining a staff of 20 people and having almost one thousand cases a year we have knowledge as to each and every Judge on Long Island and in New York. We know how the Judges usually react not only to the legal and factual issues but the style of lawyering, the pace of the litigation, and the type of litigants before them. We maintain a database and a collective knowledge as to which Judges seem to favor homemakers, which Judges are leaning towards fathers' rights, which counties are slow and which counties require speed and strict adherence to deadlines.

If you are interviewing a smaller firm they will tout compassionate and personal attention. This is not often the case. With a larger firm there is always going to be someone in the office who is not in Court. This is not so with smaller firms. With our firm you will be working with two attorneys who will intimately know your case. Your phone calls will be returned each and every day. You won’t have to worry whether your attorney is on a vacation or has called in sick — a second attorney with intimate knowledge will cover your case. Your case will be handled by the firm that knows more about the nuances of practicing in New York than most any other firm. It is through the large volume of cases that we understand and appreciate the nuances and personalities or the particular likes and dislikes of each Court, Part and Judge.

By maintaining a large firm we have the largest amount of cases that go to experts, forensics and appraisers. It’s our relations with experts, forensics and appraisers that can assist you whether its custody, a business, pension or home.

When prospective clients remark that they would be scared of large firms because of the cost, we advise them that our cost would be lower than the smaller firms. Our hourly rates, as low as 5 an hour, are very competitive.

You will not be a number at our firm. You will be in danger of being treated as a number in a firm when a smaller staff is overworked or otherwise attending to other matters.

When faced with most any problem (whatever the problem may be) it is often advisable to have that problem fixed by the people that see those exact problems more than anyone else. Divorce is not a problem but a situation. We see more divorces than most anyone. If you are seeking an attorney, bigger is better.

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