Do Couples Need a Lawyer Even for a Friendly Divorce?

This is a common question. The short answer is yes. While you and your spouse may be on the friendliest of terms, you are about to end your marriage and anything can happen.

When a marriage ends, disputes have a tendency to appear out of nowhere. If you choose to go forward with your divorce alone, and a conflict arises, you risk losing a lot. Having an attorney by your side protects your interests at all times no matter what.

Following is a list of reasons you should always hire an attorney to assist you with your divorce:

  • An attorney can recommend alternatives to traditional divorce that may be less time- consuming and more cost-effective, including separation and mediation.
  • Your lawyer can help you and your spouse divide property and assets in a manner that is fair for everyone.
  • You can discuss your expectations for the divorce with your lawyer and he or she can review your case and make recommendations on how to move forward.
  • An experienced attorney knows the challenges and conflicts that can arise during even an amicable divorce and how to best represent your interests.
  • Your attorney can assist you if there is a dispute regarding child custody, child support or alimony.

Most importantly, there are 14 documents needed for a friendly divorce, and the entire character and intent of the agreement can be charged with one single wrong word. If you have ever treated yourself to anything, treat yourself to a divorce lawyer to do the legal documents that will effectuate your "friendly divorce." It isn't something a non-lawyer should ever attempt.

You and your spouse may have mutually agreed to divorce. Your lawyer may even stand by and watch as you amicably end your marriage. In the event that an argument does arise, however, you need an attorney who fights zealously for your rights.

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