Does a 14 Year-Old Child’s Opinion Matter in a Custody Battle?

Supreme Court as well as the Family Court in the State of New York gives great deference and weight to the opinion of children. As the children age, their opinion is given more weight. Most often any child over the age of 5 is given an attorney by the Court (Attorney for the Child “AFC”). That person will be telling the Judge and anyone who will listen the wishes of the child. If the child is over the age of 14, those wishes will most likely carry great weight in any custody battle.

The result is as follows: children are driving the bus. Children playing one parent against another. Children are empowered to make decisions that, most likely should have been left to adults. Nevertheless, two adults cannot make a decision as to which of them is a better parent or custodial parent, the child will most likely make that decision for them If the child is over the age of 14. Our firm handles almost 1,000 cases a year and only handles divorce and Family Law cases. We know how to support the child’s wishes and we have also successfully won cases by challenging both the child’s preference and the arguments of the AFC or Forensic.

We have handled thousands of custody matters and we are prepared to discuss your matter with you. Contact us at (631) 424-3597 or online. We offer free consultations on selective matters.

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