Does Social Media Help or Hurt Marriage?

Sexting is a no-no, except between consenting adults. Facebook is for friends until they are unfriended. Much has been written about the dangers of social media during divorce, but what about before you call it quits?

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We talked before about the dangers of Facebook and Twitter during divorce. You should expect information and images you put online to be retrieved during a divorce and used against you.

Only a decade or two ago, hooking up had to do with utility services and appliances. Spouses connected on the telephone, at home or talking over dinner. Today, paying attention to social media has outstripped paying attention to partners. Consider the impact of social media on relationships:

  • Connection: Relationships thrive on face time, not the FaceTime app offered on your IPhone. Regardless of technological advance, meaningful human relationship depends on personally knowing, understanding and enjoying the physical presence of your partner.
  • Quality time: Couple time does not mean sitting side-by-side as you offer your attention to respective electronic friends. While channels for electronic involvement with the world have multiplied, a couple is still a couple. More electronics means less time to enjoy a relationship.
  • Watch those words: Angry or hurtful words exchanged electronically literally never fade.

As for sexting, for committed or married couples sexting may help keep desire in your relationship. But remember, once an image or highly charged email or text is out there, it is fair game in a divorce proceeding — even years from now.

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