Ex-Husband of Wendy Williams Seeking Past Due Alimony

Wendy Williams ex husband

Circumstances can change dramatically relatively quickly after a divorce is finalized. A major or even life-changing event can occur that makes it difficult for an ex-spouse to comply with the terms of their order. This can lead to additional litigation to determine if divorce arrangements should be enforced or modified. 

As a popular talk-show host, Wendy Williams was earning substantial income during her marriage to Kevin Hunter. The terms of their 2020 divorce reflect this, with Williams agreeing to pay Hunter spousal support for a period of time afterward. However, Williams suffered a series of medical problems that ended her career, which were eventually traced to a diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia and aphasia. A legal guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, was appointed by the divorce court to handle medical and financial issues for Williams. Hunter says that shortly after her appointment, Morrissey stopped the automatic payments to him from Williams’ account. Hunter has filed for the back spousal support he claims he is owed. His petition alleges that he has not received alimony for 23 months and that he is suffering financial hardship as a result. 

According to Morrissey, Hunter was actually overpaid by a large amount because the divorce order specified that if Williams’ income dropped below a certain level, her spousal support obligation would be canceled. Once Williams could no longer do her show, she was earning practically no money, so the automatic payments should have been stopped much earlier, Morrissey says. 

Given that Williams is afflicted with an apparent career-ending condition, many people might view Hunter’s request as unjustified, or even cruel, but the conflict highlights how important it is to seek modification or enforcement of alimony terms as soon as a significant financial shift occurs or payments are missed. Even when a provision in the divorce order supposedly adjusts the paying party’s obligation under a certain condition, it is still worthwhile to revise the order to reflect that the specific condition has occurred. If Williams or someone acting on her behalf had done so once she stopped working, her guardian might not now be seeking money she says was improperly transferred to Hunter. Likewise, if Hunter is correct that he did not receive what he was owed, acting promptly would have given him a chance to avoid the financial difficulty he says he now faces. 

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