Ex-wife of Bezos Divorces Second Husband

Heart Torn in Half After Second DivorceWhen Amazon founder Jeff Bezos divorced his wife MacKenzie in 2019, the settlement she received was reportedly more than $35 billion, the largest in history. This was based partly on her three-percent share of the company. Upon her divorce, MacKenzie changed her last name to Scott and garnered a lot of media attention for her philanthropic giving, which has totaled more than $14 billion. On the other hand, her 2021 marriage to former Seattle high-school teacher Dan Jewett was handled relatively quietly and announced with a post on Scott’s philanthropy website.

Now, after approximately 18 months of marriage, Scott and Jewett have divorced. Though Ms. Scott obviously has uncommon wealth, the fact that her second marriage ended in divorce is very common among all income groups. More than 60 percent of people who get married following a divorce find themselves eventually dealing with a second divorce, a rate that is significantly higher than what first-time spouses experience.

Most details of the Scott-Jewett divorce are listed in a non-public settlement agreement that is referred to in their divorce order. Still, the case brings up several issues that people entering or leaving a second marriage might wish to consider, such as:

  • Prenuptial agreements — It seems safe to presume that a prenuptial agreement was in place prior to this marriage, and that often is an especially good idea for individuals entering a second marriage. Parents particularly want to make sure that their children from their prior marriage are protected no matter what happens with their new spouse.
  • Alimony — The dissolution order in the Scott-Jewett divorce declares that no spousal support will be provided. This issue might have been addressed in the prenuptial agreement, or the parties might have agreed to one-time payment in lieu of alimony as part of the divorce settlement. Typically, someone entering a second marriage has supported themselves during the period following their first divorce, so it is less likely that an alimony claim will be supported.
  • Parenting arrangements — Like many second-time spouses, Scott and Jewett did not have any children together. However, if your second divorce involves issues of custody and child support and you also have one or more children from a previous marriage, it is important to develop parenting arrangements that allow you to maintain strong relationships with all of your children.

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