Factors that May Prolong the Divorce Process

The length of the divorce process can vary widely, depending on a range of factors. The following are just a few potential factors that could prolong your divorce:

  • There is a lot of contention: If there are bad feelings surrounding a relationship, the divorce process will almost certainly take longer than it should to run its course. Angry spouses are less likely to be willing to negotiate or compromise on just about any issue.
  • Court is necessary: If the case goes to court rather than being settled through negotiations and mediation, the process will take significantly longer, as you are at the mercy of the court system’s schedule.
  • Delays in paperwork: If your spouse takes a long time to respond to paperwork or complete certain tasks, it may unnecessarily stretch out the divorce process.
  • Complicating factors: Certain issues such as child support, child custody, alimony and division of particularly valuable property can add some length and complexity to a divorce case.
  • Business interests: If you or your spouse own a business, determining what to do with ownership structures and that business’s future in general may be a sticking point that adds extra time to the process.

The best strategy to avoid lengthy delays in the divorce process is to try to be as communicative and amicable as possible. A positive tone at the outset of the divorce — or as positive as is possible given your situation — will play a major role in working through all the issues of your divorce efficiently.

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