Family Law Issues: A Top Five List

Family law addresses the business of relationships—of the sometimes-hard endings needed to win new beginnings. Even as laws change and the economy falters, issues such as child custody, divorce, and relocation continue to affect real people like you every day.

We have the largest family law practice on Long Island. We work daily to hammer out good deals for clients and aggressively litigate when needed. Our top priority is addressing the unique concerns each client brings through our door.

Right now, we are seeing more cases caused by the unfortunate financial climate, including the following five issues:

  • Modifications: When jobs are lost, financial support falters as well. Scarce financial times result in more cases involving upward or downward modification of child and spousal support
  • Divorce: Fewer divorces are filed during hard economic times, but our firm has not seen a swing in the rate of cases handled
  • Relocation: With dim job prospects, custodial parents are looking further afield for work. Relocation can result in tough child custody battles that require equally tough advocacy from your attorneys
  • Financial matters: Careful legal and financial analysis is important for helping our clients move forward.
  • Custody: Child custody and visitation are perennial issues requiring aggressive legal advocacy

Family law cases can be tough. When you need a divorce or custody lawyer, look for experience and a willingness to fight to the end to get the new beginning you deserve.

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