Former NBA Star Acknowledges Paternity and Must Pay Child Support

Book Showing Paternity LawEven when there is no real dispute about the paternity of a child, taking the necessary action to ensure that child support is provided can be long and complicated. As an example, Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett has finally resolved a legal dispute with Necat Akman regarding support for their daughter Naya, who is nearly three years old.

According to reports, Garnett and Akman executed a Voluntary Stipulated Judgment of Uniform Parentage to end their legal conflict. Previously, both of them had voluntarily signed a declaration of paternity, but Akman declared that the 15-time NBA All-Star would not agree to providing financial support for various items, such as:

  • Medical insurance and additional healthcare expenses
  • Childcare costs required due to the custodial parent’s employment
  • Expenses associated with preschool and private school tuition
  • Funding for extracurricular activities

Disagreements over the types of expenses that should be covered by a child support order are extremely common, particularly in situations involving high net worth families. Questions can arise as to whether significant expenses such as private school education and international travel should be borne by both parents.

In New York, child support awards are determined based on state guidelines, but courts can adjust the guideline amounts in certain circumstances. One factor that courts can use when evaluating an adjustment is the standard of living that the child would have enjoyed had the marriage or household not been dissolved. How this standard is applied depends on the individual circumstances of each case. A judge might rule that the exact same expense justifies a child support adjustment in one case but not in another. For example, if a son or daughter traveled to Europe every summer while the family was intact, a noncustodial parent could be required to contribute to financing continued trips as a part of child support. However, in most cases, this expense would not be mandated.

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