Four Tips to Help Your Own Divorce Case

After the conclusion of a divorce, many people think about what they could have done differently. In hindsight, it is easier to see how you might have helped your case. 

If a divorce is in your future, consider these tips now to help yourself at the outset of your divorce

  • Try to keep your emotions under control: Even if you are happy with the divorce, you could be fearful about your finances or your children. Realize divorce means dissolution of your current lifestyle and living arrangement. Help yourself by alerting trusted friends and consider speaking with a counselor during tough times. 
  • Retain the right attorney: Decisions made during divorce directly affect your future and any children you have. An experienced divorce attorney knows what to do and how to handle what comes your way. Do not underestimate the need for an authoritative, experienced divorce attorney. Rely on legal counsel to move your case forward promptly and energetically. 
  • Develop realistic objectives: Gain an understanding of your budget, your financial outlook and your thoughts and concerns about any children of the marriage. 
  • Document: Gather and organize financial and other documents. Know about your investments and make copies of your tax returns. Run down details to provide to your attorney. If evidence of fraud, parental alienation or other trouble appears, hold onto it. If an incident occurs with your estranged spouse, write down the details, take pictures and keep the email. 

If you are considering divorce in New York, take the steps to help yourself get through it successfully. When you have questions, contact my firm, Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C.

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