Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage Requirements, Ceremonies and Licenses

Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage Requirements, Ceremonies and Licenses

Are you preparing for your wedding? While much of your attention may be focused on apparel, reception venues and vendors, you should also spend some time considering the legal aspects of your upcoming contract.

Below are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear regarding marriage requirements, ceremonies and licenses.

Q: What’s the difference between a marriage certificate and a marriage license?

The license is the document that legally authorizes your marriage. A marriage certificate, meanwhile, is the document that proves you were married. This document is signed by the person who performs the ceremony and witnesses.

Q: How do I get a marriage license?

In most cases, you would apply for a marriage license at any county clerk’s office in your state. There is a small fee to process your application and you may have to wait a few days before the license is issued. This license must be processed within a certain amount of time before you get married. Most licenses are good for 30 days to a year, so you must get married within that time frame.

Q: How do I get copies of a marriage certificate?

You will need to contact the clerk’s office in the county in which you are married. Most clerk’s offices will distribute a limited number of free copies of the certificate after you are married, but after that you will need to pay a small fee for official copies.

Q: Are there any legal requirements for the marriage ceremony?

There are no special words required in your ceremony, so long as there is an acknowledgement of your intent to marry each other.

For more information on all the legal aspects that go along with a marriage and wedding ceremony, consult an experienced Long Island family law attorney with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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