Friday, February 13: Bad Luck for Marriages and Perfect Storm for Divorce Lawyers

The day before Valentine’s Day always finds every restaurant and every short stay hotel fully booked. If it is a weekday, people take long lunches; have a few drinks with the one they love; and retreat to the “no tell motel” before returning to work.  The problem is: These trysts are not between husband and wife they are usually between cheaters. 

Married cheaters take their dates to lunch and dinner not on Valentine’s Day, but the day before Valentine’s Day.  There are many statistics showing that the day before Valentine’s Day is far busier than Valentine’s Day for restaurants and hotels. Ruth Houston, author of “Is He Cheating on You?” says “You have to be with them the day before, give them their gift, make them feel special and put that to bed.” 1

One survey found that seventy-one percent of married men polled planned to spend February 13 with their mistress. Of those married men, forty-two percent had booked a hotel stay for February 13th compared with only two percent booking a hotel stay for their wives on Valentine’s day. 2

This Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday.  Friday the 13th is the day before Valentines Day.  Many people will be caught by their spouse cheating that day.  In fact, many of the people that are reading this article may contact their spouse at lunch time on Friday, February 13, 2015 and ask them where they are.  It is the biggest day for cheating and, based on our almost 100 years of combined experience, this is the day that people will get caught. In fact, in one instance, one wife who uncovered her husband’s infidelity had him served with divorce papers at the restaurant where she was to meet him for a Valentine’s Day dinner. 3

On Monday, February 16, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. when our law firm does open its doors we will be met with e-mails and voice mails requesting a free consultation for divorces.  On the average, we file 2 through 5 new divorces each weekday and handle almost 1000 cases a year.  On February 16, 2015 we estimate we will sign up no less than 25 clients as a result of cheating.

Valentine’s Cheat Day is always February 13th but rarely does it fall on a Friday.  When it falls on a Friday it is not only the superstition of “Friday the 13th” that makes it unlucky, it is that most people will be tempted to take their lovers out for lunch on February 13, 2015 between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and more than ever, they will be caught.  There will be scores of individuals not returning to work; people having drinks after lunch; they will be charging their meals on credit cards; they will be calling hotels using their cell phone.  The scenario and possibilities to get caught cheating on February 13th are greater than any other day during the year. It is a perfect storm. Even people who believe in marriage and family, admit that divorces are necessary when a marriage becomes inappropriate; unhealthy; unsafe or unhappy.  Clearly, if someone is taking their lover out to a restaurant and/or hotel the day before Valentine’s Day, their marriage must be inappropriate, if not, unhealthy, unhappy and, in many cases, unsafe.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the person who is not cheating, but remains committed to the marriage, deserves better.  The person who does not cheat deserves someone who is faithful, loyal and who loves them.  In either case, a divorce may be what is needed to help the cheater and the person who is left behind move on to more healthy and fulfilling relationships. 

People who work things out can be applauded for that.  Other people say they are glad they found out in the end.  In any event, we offer free consultations and we have the experience and talent to handle the most complicated cases with the absolute lowest retainer arrangement. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who truly love each other and for all of those who are living a lie, they may be hurting themselves, their partners, their spouse and/or their children.  Often it is our experience that people wait far too long before seeking professional help to end a marriage that should be ended. We offer free consultations and the very best rates.

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