Getting a Temporary Order of Child Support

When you are going through the divorce process, child support is likely to be a sticking point for you and your spouse. However, while you work to come to a long-term agreement who will pay child support (and how much), you do have the ability to seek a temporary order of child support to be paid to the parent that currently is taking responsibility for the child. This order then stays active until that permanent support order takes effect upon the final divorce judgment.

Temporary child support arrangements are determined in much the same way that regular support arrangements are. Some of the factors may include:

  • The incomes and assets of both parents
  • The ages and total number of children
  • Who currently has custody of the children
  • The expenses associated with all of the children, such as food, clothing, housing and education

There are certain advantages and disadvantages that come with a temporary order of child support. On the plus side, both parents can plan for what the future could look like based on the payments awarded, and there could be tax benefits if these payments are the result of a court order. On the down side, courts may consider the amount of money paid during the temporary support order as adequate for your situation and not reconsider it during the course of the divorce.

If you are considering a temporary order of child support, consult a skilled divorce attorney at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates for the legal advice you need.

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