Going for the Gold: The Bode Miller Custody Case Continues

For many parents, battles over custody are long and uncertain. The case of Samuel Bode Miller-McKenna is no different.

A contentious legal action arose when Sara McKenna, now of New York, became pregnant after dating Olympic skiing champion Bode Miller, who resides in California. Mr. Miller, who initially showed no interest in the pregnancy, vigorously asserted his rights after the child was born.

Mr. Miller, now married to volleyball player Morgan Beck, sought and obtained an order allowing him to assume custody of the infant after accusing Ms. McKenna of unjustifiable conduct for moving to New York when pregnant to continue her education. The case made headlines and angered women and feminists around the world. The New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, reversed.

At present, the case continues its bumpy run. Recent developments include:

  • At an April hearing, Ms. McKenna alleged her child did not recognize her after spending six weeks earlier this year with Mr. Miller.
  • Also at the April hearing before a New York court referee, Ms. McKenna and Mr. Miller agreed to share bi-coastal custody of their child for the next four months.
  • A psychologist was appointed by the court to conduct a forensic evaluation of the parties to the case.

Despite their celebrity, Mr. Miller and Ms. McKenna face the same grueling court processes as other parents who are unable to reach agreement about custody of their children. There can be no expectation of a certain, or even logical, outcome to a court-ordered custody evaluation.

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