Google Trends Sees Spike in Divorce Searches After Holidays

Google Trends, which reports on the numbers of people looking up specific words and phrases on the search engine, has seen a surge in searches related to breaking up and getting divorced shortly after the holiday season.

According to Google, the questions “should I break up with my boyfriend?” and “should I break up with my girlfriend?” saw significantly higher search volumes the first few days after the New Year. These trends may be part of the phenomenon known as Divorce Monday, in which the first Monday of January typically sees high numbers of divorce filings nationwide.

Numerous factors at play

So why is this time of the year so popular for breaking up? Many divorce experts say it’s because couples view the holidays as an opportunity to resolve problems in their relationships. When the problems are still there once Christmas and New Year’s Day have passed, they feel there’s no other option but to call it quits for good.

In addition, many people in surveys say they believe that breaking up or getting divorced before the holidays would be stressful. They may also get caught up in the positive feelings of the holidays, temporarily forgetting their relationship problems for a few weeks. Once January hits, it’s back to reality for these couples.

Conversely, experts also believe that the stress the holidays sometimes cause can lead couples to their breaking points. If their partners are unable to help them cope with the stress, they may realize that they are in an unhappy relationship.

Regardless of the time of year you decide to get divorced, it’s important to consult a skilled legal professional to ensure you preserve your best interests throughout the process. For further guidance, speak with an experienced Long Island divorce mediation attorney at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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