Happy Meal Tantrum Leads to Bitter Custody Battle

In November of 2013, a tantrum over the refusal of a New York dad to give his son a Happy Meal led a psychologist to label him an “unfit father.”  Recently, the judge in the matter warned the parties to settle their differences or see their four-year old child hauled into her courtroom. 

Earlier in this high-conflict divorce matter, David Schorr made headlines when he refused to take his son for a weekly dinner to McDonalds. After pitching a tantrum, Mr. Schorr returned the boy to Bari Yunis, his estranged wife. Ms. Yunis contacted the court-appointed psychologist who declared Mr. Schorr “wholly incapable of taking care of his son” after the incident. 

Despite questions of the rights of mothers and fathers, no one wins in bitter custodial battles—especially children. Frustrated by the status of the case, Judge Deborah Kaplan delivered an ultimatum to Mr. Shorr and his wife: 

  • If the parents cannot agree on shared custody in the case, Judge Kaplan stated she will require the presence of the four-year old in her courtroom.
  • The judge noted the imposing structure of the courthouse, the presence of law enforcement with guns and frightening pictures on the building rotunda that resemble monsters. The judge noted the disturbing trip would conclude with interrogation of the boy by the judge. 

Children in high-conflict divorce matters are already victims. When parents cannot or do not come to some accommodation, the court must make a ruling in the best interests of the child. 

Mr. Schorr, a corporate attorney, is representing himself in the case. Without experienced advocacy, this case is lurching to an uncertain—and potentially disturbing—conclusion. 

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