Heading for Divorce: Three Tips To Consider

It is easy to make small mistakes that have a big impact during divorce. When thinking about divorce, skilled legal counsel helps you anticipate problems that could dim a bright post-divorce future. 

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C. is the largest family law firm in Long Island. Our collective experience helps you make the legal agreements you and your family need. If the health of your marital relationship is uncertain, consider these tips: 

  1. Financial literacy: If you suspect your spouse is thinking of divorce—or if you are—get a good understanding of your financial situation. Know where and how your wealth is held. Make copies of important documents and tax returns. If you are not familiar with the finances, review account statements to ensure unexplained sums were not transferred out of investment or other accounts.
  2. Keep conflict low: Lower conflict divorces cost less in time and money. Mediation is a terrific avenue toward divorce for couples who can still work together for their common good.
  3. Loose lips: If your spouse makes an informal promise that sounds too good to be true at the outset of divorce, it probably is. Do not agree to conditions proposed by a spouse without speaking with an attorney, especially if there seems to be a threat involved. Before, during and after a contested divorce, be careful about what you say to mutual friends and what you write in an email or on social media websites. 

Despite all the right moves, some marriages break up badly. When you need aggressive divorce representation to protect your rights in New York, speak with our attorneys at Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C.

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