Hiring a Private Investigator When Going Through a Divorce

In some situations, people who are going through a divorce decide to hire a private investigator to help identify marital assets and property and ensure they are receiving their fair share when it comes dividing this property. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are limits to what an investigator can do for you, both practically and legally.

What an investigator can accomplish

There are numerous ways in which a private investigator can help you during a divorce. The most substantial is in uncovering accounts or records of property you did not know your spouse owned. If you suspect your spouse is hiding a bank account or certain property, you should hire an investigator, as this information can play a major role in the property division process. A failure to disclose assets or attempts to purposefully conceal assets could result in you getting a larger portion of the assets divided.

Good private investigators are typically former detectives or forensic accountants. They should be licensed and experienced in their field.

What an investigator cannot do

There are some situations in which the use of a private investigator could cross the line and even be illegal. Investigators are typically not allowed to record phone calls, record video inside homes or spy on spouses in private. Instead, investigators must look at spending habits and review unusual activity in accounts. There are certain tell-tale signs investigators look for to indicate the presence of another bank account.

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