How Much Can I Expect My Divorce to Cost Me?

How Much Can I Expect My Divorce to Cost Me

In general, it’s not possible to predict with any reasonable degree of accuracy how much a divorce will cost. However, one can analyze the factors likely to influence the cost of a divorce and get a rather general idea of the expenses that lie ahead.

Below are the primary factors that affect the cost of a divorce:

  • Court fees: All divorce cases require the parties to the action to pay court fees. These are fees that are applied any time you file a petition or other legal paperwork and forms with the court. The list of filing fees as they currently stand in New York is available at the Unified Court System’s website.
  • Representation: You can save some money by representing yourself, but you are unlikely to achieve the outcome you need by doing so. Attorney fees will vary depending on level of experience and track record of excellence of your legal counsel. Most attorneys charge hourly fees, but some charge negotiable flat rates for specific types of cases. Be sure to research various law firms in your area.
  • Retaining experts: If you have considerable assets in your estate, you should seriously consider retaining experts that can help you with certain issues. These experts can advise you on how a proposed settlement could affect your finances moving forward, and also appraise the value of your business, professional license, retirement benefits, professional degree or pension.
  • Additional expenses: Expect to pay extra for transcripts of court documents and the service of legal documents, such as subpoenas.

Your attorney will provide you with a frank assessment of the expenses you are likely to incur in your divorce case. For more information, speak with a knowledgeable Long Island divorce lawyer at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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