How Much Does Your Spouse Make Perfect Storm for Divorce Lawyers

On June 24, 2015, WPIX television news aired a newscast wherein it was reported that almost 50% of the married population does not know how much their spouse earns. This is shocking.

Marriage, as an institution, creates a financial partnership. In fact, history shows that one of the “civil” or non-religious reasons for marriage was so that property could be transferred or held jointly with certain rights of survivorship. However, a recent study of 1,051 couples conducted by Fidelity Investments revealed that 36% of those couples had different ideas about the couple’s financial situation.   

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates handles over 1,000 divorce cases a year. Founder of the firm, Bryan L. Salamone, Esq., reports that there is a vast majority of cases where one spouse is a “high earner” and the other spouse is under-employed or a homemaker. The high earner often exhibits forms of financial tyranny and the home maker and/or under employed spouse simply signs tax returns without reviewing or understanding them. It is for these reasons that it is important to get an attorney with the manpower to conduct the discovery that is required in a divorce.

Small law firms and/or inexperienced practitioners do not have the skill or man power to delve into the financial complexities that are present in today’s relationships.  Today’s relationships are so financially complex, that spouses often do not even know or understand their spouse’s financial position during the marriage.

If you are seeking a divorce in the state of New York and you are not quite certain what your spouse earns, Mr. Salamone urges you to seek a consultation from a firm with the experience and manpower of at least ten (10) attorneys or more to understand complex financial issues and aggressively pursue the discovery of all marital assets. In the area of matrimonial law, you must be represented by an attorney with the ability to best determine your spouse’s income and holdings for support and distribution.

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