How the Divorce Mediation Process Works

How the Divorce Mediation Process Works

While every divorce is different in some ways, those that go through mediation will generally go through these basic phases.


In this phase, you provide the mediator background information about your relationship, and the mediator provides an overview for what you can expect out of the mediation process. Based on the information provided by each spouse, the mediator will then suggest the method that will give you the best chance of coming to an agreement.

Collecting information

This is similar to the discovery phase in the standard divorce process. You collect all important information and financial documents that will be needed to negotiate the terms of your divorce, and that can help the mediator steer the conversation. The mediator will likely give you an overview of all the information you need to collect.


During this stage, the mediator works with each spouse to investigate their reasons for wanting particular outcomes. Special attention will be paid toward areas where each spouse’s interests overlap, which can help the couple to settle some issues early on and gain some momentum that will be valuable in negotiations where their interests don’t necessarily overlap.


Negotiation of the settlement begins after the framing stage, and will typically begin with the couple investigating a variety of possible options. The spouses will evaluate each option and find the options that work best for both spouses. Once all issues have been negotiated and settled, the divorce process can officially conclude.

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